Credit Cards in Abu Dhabi

Credit card trends in Abu Dhabi

Credit cards in Abu Dhabi are hot cakes due to the changing and improving life style trends in the larger UAE. This is due to their extremely attractive offers and privileges. With Abu Dhabi’s global status making headway in all fields improving the economy of the nation as a whole, it is not surprising that the standard of life of the residents is reaching a higher level too.

People work hard for a living and an enhancement of facilities in this direction is justified. Credit cards help people face not only an emergency expenditure but they have become part and parcel of every individual in the Emirate.

When you own and use your Abu Dhabi credit card, you enjoy a credit facility for your normal day-to-day expenses without any additional cost to you. Don’t you agree then that it is the best short-term loan available free of interest?

But be aware that credit card offers an almost free loan for a specific period of time and if you do not repay the loan within the stipulated time, you are likely to incur an expenditure that may cost you heavily.

How credit cards in Abu Dhabi work

The card-issuing bank tracks your monthly expenditure made using your card so as to be able to bill you at the end of the month. You are given a few days to pay the bill in full or part. If you make the full payment, you are charged nothing extra. But, if you make a part payment, calculation of interest on the entire bill amount begins and is charged up to the day you complete the payment. Late bill payments also cost you a huge amount as penalty on a per day basis.

Requirements for credit cards in Abu Dhabi

Below are the standard requirements to be met in order to get a credit card sanctioned in Abu Dhabi:

  • National ID card for nationals and visa for expatriates
  • Latest bank statement 
  • Salary certificate
  • Clean credit history 
  • Latest utility bill in applicant’s name.

Platinum credit cards in Abu Dhabi

Many banks in Abu Dhabi issue Platinum credit cards. This is an exclusive card meant for the elite and they come loaded with VIP privileges for those who love the niceties of life such as:

  • Special discounts at health clubs
  • Entertainment and dining discounts
  • Exclusive valet parking facilities in Abu Dhabi

Fees charged on credit cards in Abu Dhabi

The following fees are charged on all cards in Abu Dhabi:

  • Joining fee
  • Cash withdrawal fee
  • Over-limit fee
  • Late payment fee or penalty

Except for the joining fee or the annual service fee, if you use your credit card wisely and avoid the rest of the fees, Abu Dhabi credit cards offer the facilities of a free loan.

Effective management of credits cards in Abu Dhabi

  • Transact within the prescribed card limit 
  • Track your transactions online 
  • Pay your card bill on time and fully so as to maintain a good credit history and to avoid a huge interest payment at a later date
  • Use the SMS and email alerts to update yourself about your card transactions
  • Keep your credit card pin safe from any unauthorized or suspicious persons

Balance transfer

Many banks offering credit cards in Abu Dhabi offer this facility. Balance transfer comes in handy when your credit card debt goes out of control and you are unable to manage the payments.

Airline credit cards in Abu Dhabi

These cards are designed to facilitate the travelling experience of card holders both at home and abroad. They offer the following benefits:

Every time you use your credit card to purchase your air ticket or book hotel accommodation, you gain air miles or reward points
You can redeem these points to purchase your air tickets or make hotel reservations

MoneyGulf helps you choose the best credit card issuing bank so that you can make the most of the privileges offered by the bank. Approach MoneyGulf today and a representative will soon be at your doorstep to discuss your requirements further.