Personal Loans for Salaried Expats in Abu Dhabi from ENBD

Interest Rate: 5.43%
Tenor: Maximum period of 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 5000
Processing fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Late payment fee: AED 50
Instalment deferment fee: AED 100
Loan cancellation fee: AED 100
Salary transfer: Needed
Early repayment fee: 1% of outstanding amount
Partial payment fee: 1% of outstanding amount
Enhanced credit life insurance: 1.24% of the loan amount

Personal Loans for Salaried Expats from ENBD in Abu Dhabi 

Personal loans to salaried expats from ENBD Abu Dhabi are given based on the loan-seekers’ monthly income as well as their capacity to repay the loan within the stipulated time. Based on the salary earned by the customer, rate of interest varies between 5.43% and 6.59%. The period of repayment is also fixed according to the borrowers’ income and their ability to repay the loan.
A personal loan in Abu Dhabi from ENBD not only helps people wriggle out of a financial crisis but also encourages those who want to increase their assets by making wise investments with it.
ENBD personal loans have a unique double advantage insurance offer. If the borrower passes away during the tenure of the loan, the insurance company makes the entire loan payment to the bank and also gives the borrower’s family an equal amount.
Emirates NBD is the only bank to offer a 7-day loan return option in case the borrower is not satisfied with certain terms and conditions imposed by the bank for granting the loan

ENBD Expats Personal Loan in Abu Dhabi

In 2007, the second largest Emirates Bank International and the fourth largest National Bank of Dubai were merged together to form The Emirates NBD or ENBD, the largest banking group in the Middle East in terms of assets.  Services provided by ENBD include financial services in the private, investment, banking, retail, corporate and Islamic sectors and asset management. ENBD has an active network of 115 branches across the UAE and subsidiary and representative offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore and the UK.

Abu Dhabi – The Richest City

According to a Fortune magazine and CNN report of 2007, Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world and the most expensive too ranking 67th in the list of most expensive cities. Being a desert region, the city has a very hot climate with clear blue skies all through the year. The four months from June to September are the hottest months with maximum temperature and humidity.
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