Personal Loans for UAE Nationals in Abu Dhabi from Doha Bank

Interest Rate: 6.6%
Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary
Processing fee:
Salary transfer: Needed
Early repayment fee:
Partial payment fee:
Insurance fee:

Personal Loans for UAE Nationals from DOHA BANK in Abu Dhabi

Long repayment periods and affordable interest rates make the Doha Bank loans for UAE Nationals unique. Processing of your loan application is a quick procedure and this helps you when you need funds for an emergency. Loan top-up options are available if you need additional financial assistance. You also get to enjoy repayment holidays after you have made a specific number of loan repayments.

Doha Bank Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Doha Bank has the reputation of being the largest commercial bank in Qatar. It opened its Dubai branch in July 2007 followed by the Abu Dhabi branch. These two are full-fledged bank branches while a third was opened as a representative office of the bank in Sharjah in November 2013. Winner of many awards for excellence in innovative banking practices, Doha Bank is driven by its principles to offer superior banking and investment solutions to its customers in the retail and commercial sector. 

Abu Dhabi – What’s in a name?

How did Abu Dhabi get its name? A literal translation of the word in Arabic means "father of deer/gazelle". "Dhabi" is the Arabic name of a particular species of native Arabian gazelle that was once common in the region. Abu Dhabi means the place rich in "Dhabi" (gazelle).
Abu Dhabi was originally called "Milh" meaning salt probably due to the salty water of the Persian Gulf or the old salty wetlands surrounding the city.