ARAB BANK Credit Card - Titanium MasterCard

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) No
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Access to Priceless Arabia; Fraud Protection; Complimentary Airport lounge access ; Exclusive Titanium design Credit Card equipped with Smart Chip technology - giving you greater anti-fraud protection and security whenever you use your card; Convenient Easy Payment Plan starting from as low as 0%; Flexible repayment options from as low as 5% of the monthly outstanding amount; Grace period of interest-free credit on retail purchases up to 45 days, in case of full repayment at payment due date; Credit Shield Insurance*** which covers 100% of outstanding balance, in event of death or permanent total disability of primary cardholder


Created in 1930 in Jerusalem by the Palestinian business man, Abdul Hameed Shoman, Arab Bank has became one of the most powerful financial group in Middle East. Still run by the Shoman family, its headquarter is now located in Amman, Jordan, with a network of more than 500 agencies in thirty countries, covering the five continents. That includes the major international financial centres such as New York, London, Singapore, Zurich, Paris, Francfort, Bahrein and Dubai. Arab Bank is particularly specialized in developing and financing infrastructure projects in Middle East and North Africa, but also provides services to corporates and individuals.


Sometimes called the Roma of Middle East, Amman is one of the oldest city in the world that is still inhabited. With more than two millions of inhabitants, Amman has the most crowded population in Jordan and it became its capital in 1921. The city is the administrative and economic center of the country, but also a well-known touristic place which offers to the visitors an interesting testimony of the greatest empires in History. According to the MENA, Amman is one of the best cities to live in and a great location to multinational corporations for establishing their presence in the Middle East.

Credit Card - Titanium MasterCard

The Arab Bank Titanium MasterCard is a credit card made for customers who want to feel special and safe all around the world. This card is the key to Priceless Arabia with a range of exclusive offers and experiences, such as dining and shopping, and a Complimentary Airport lounge access in many major airports of the Middle East. Thanks to the Smart Chip technology, it also provides a Fraud Protection in case of unauthorized transactions. Responsive to the customer's financial requirements, the credit limit can be personalized and the Easy Payment Plan starts with the most competitive interest rate of 0%.