Arab Banking Corporation Credit Card - Platinum

Minimum Salary needed JOD 1500 for public sector and JOD 2000 for private sector, JOD 3000 for professionals, self-employed and non-salary transfer employees from public and private sectors
Maximum amount available JOD 15000
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Interest rate (on the daily outstanding balance) is 1.75%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Free card issuance fees for the first year
Eligibility Minimum age for the applicant when applying for a primary credit card should not be less than 21 years old, 18 years old when applying for supplementary credit card; Maximum age of the applicant is 65 years old and 70 years old for retirees; Minimum length of service should not be less than 6 months for public sector, 12 months for private sector, 24 months for professionals, self-employed and non-salary transfer employees from public and private sectors
Main Features Grace period of interest-free credit up to 51 days; Security chip protection on the platinum credit card which provides higher levels of security; Automatic subscription ABC cards discount program; National and worldwide acceptance; Free life insurance and total disability; Free Extended Warranty – providing an additional 12 months warranty on top of any manufacturer’s warranty; Wide variety of offers provided by VISA Premium Privileges Program; Free roadside assistance Insurance Coverage for the first year; Travel insurance: where the customer will be covered against travel accidents “(only if the customer buy the airline tickets using her/his platinum credit card)

Arab Banking Corporation

In 1980, the Amir of Bahrain founded the Arab Banking Corporation through a special decree. Ideally located in the Diplomatic Area of Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, ABC is now a multinational corporation, operating in eighteen different countries on five continents through branches and representative offices. Listed on the Bahrain stockmarket with major national companies, the main stockholders are the Central Bank of libya and the Kuwait Investment Authority. ABC has developed a wide range of financial and banking services and products to individuals, such as Islamic Banking services, but also to corporates, such as trading, treasury management and syndications.


Capital of the Hachemite Kingdom of Jordan since 1921, Amman was called differently in the past: Rabbat Ammon as it is mentionned in the Bible, and later, Philadelphia by the Romans. Located in the north west of Jordan, it is the most crowded of the country - with more than two millions of inhabitants - but also one of the oldest city of the world that is still inhabited. Ruins and monuments built in the Greco-Roman period offer a great cultural tour for visitors. Amman provides as well a convenient location for multinational corporations who want to develop in the Middle East market.

Credit Card - Platinum

The Arab Banking Corporation offers to Elite customers a Platinum Credit Card which can be used all over the world. A high credit limit of JOD 15000 enables them a great power of purchasing as well as flexible repayment options. In order to meet the cardholder's needs, the card gives him an access to many privileged offers from the VISA Premium Privileges Program and to a great insurance coverage while travelling, with notably a free roadside assistance Insurance Coverage the first year. The credit card is also free of charge the first year and is protected by a security chip protection.