Bank al Etihad Credit Card - Etihad-Taj Credit Card

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available High credit limit up to 5 times your salary or income
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Latest salary/income/employment verification documen; Valid national ID or passport;
Main Features A grace period up to 51 days interest free; Flexible monthly payment plans starting from 4% of the monthly outstanding balance; Free life insurance policy; High cash withdrawal limit up to 90% of the card limit; 0% interest rate when you transfer your outstanding credit limit from other banks to Bank al Etihad; Flexibility to issue 5 supplementary cards to your family members; You will collect one point for each 10 JOD point of sale spending locally and internationally; Platinum credit card will enjoy "Priority Pass" membership and additionally Bank al Etihad covers the cost of 12 visit per year, Free Purchase Protection Cover and Free Extended Warranty Cover; Free Travel Insurance;

Bank al Etihad

In the heart of Amman and Jordan’s banking landscape lies Bank al Etihad. It is among the top and most reputable banks in Jordan. It was formally inaugurated in 1978 as a public shareholding company. Its initial paid-up capital was Jordanian Dinars 110,000,000 and a capital base exceeding Jordanian Dinars 270 million and a capital adequacy ratio of 14.72%.It headquarters are in Amman and it is one of the largest and most accomplished banks in Jordan

Bank al Etihad operates a wide network of over 36 branches and it is fully Shariah-compliant. Besides, it runs a full-fledged brokerage firm called Etihad Brokerage which was unveiled in 2006.


It is the capital and largest city of Jordan. It has a booming population of more than 4 million dwellers. It is a modern city with an ancient history dating back to the ancient Biblical days when it was then called Rabbath Ammon, and later on Philadelphia during the New Testament times.

As a Royal Capital, the city serves as the Jordanian Kingdom’s economic and cultural nerve center. The city is divided into two regions, namely, the old city on the Eastern zone and the modern city that lies on the Western zone. It is one of the upcoming commercial hubs in the Middle East, with the potential to rival Dubai in the near future.

Etihad-Taj Credit Card

Unique Features:

  •     The  card gives its holder higher credit limits;
  •     You have higher purchasing power along with a range of privileges that match your personal lifestyle;
  •     You get rewarded for loyalty through   Loyalty Points Program, which allows you to gather points following each purchasing process made ​​locally or internationally; and
  •      You can redeem your points with gift vouchers from the bank branch at Taj life style center and use these vouchers to shop for free from many Taj Lifestyle shops.



    You need a valid national ID or passport; and
    Your latest salary/income/employment verification documents.