Jordan Kuwait Bank Credit Card - American Express (AMEX)

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Green USD 5,000; Gold USD 10,000; Platinum USD 50,000
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Photocopy of valid passport/civil ID for the applicant; Photocopy of valid residency permit for foreign residents in addition to the passport; Proof of income for the client, such as the commercial registration, vocational license and a salary statement for salaried officials
Main Features The American Express Card is not a revolving credit card; it is a charge card that is internationally accepted; being a substitute for cash or cheques;

Jordan Kuwait Bank

The innovative bank is providing unique services and products in retail banking, treasury & investment and corporate banking since 1976. The bank has its presence in Jordan, Cyprus and Palestine and have network of 50 branches. The bank is an award-winning bank in the fields of csr, retail banking and best private banking. The objective of the bank is to provide quality of services and products with better customers through their efficient, educated and professional employees. The bank main values are loyalty, transparency, compliance with rules and regulation and integrity. The bank is closely working with its clients and has social responsibility for the people.

Credit Card – American Express

By purchasing the American Express Credit Card from any branch of Jordan Kuwait Bank Amman, you can get unlimited benefits.


  •     Facility to replace this credit card, against cheques or cash.
  •     Internationally acceptance.
  •     A cash withdrawal through ATM’s in the all world and buying from any store.
  •     The facility of loyalty programs, reward programs by use of this credit card.
  •     Earning of the points for every Dollar spent, for airline tickets, hotels and dinners.



  •     Valid Identity Card of the client for Jordanians.
  •     Passport plus valid residency permits for the foreign nationals.
  •     Any recent income proof of a client and bank statement or salary slip.

Amman City

The Amman is the modern and historical capital city of the Jordan. The Amman is the city of famous historical places, sports grounds and businesses main offices location. The economic and new developments in Amman city after the war in Iraq are attracting more and more businesses to this specific location. The Amman transportation system comprises of wonderful roads, metro bus service and Amman airport. The Amman is the city of historical buildings, places and museum. The Standard Chartered Bank, DHL, Fed Ex, Citi Bank and Arab Bank have their major offices in the Amman city. The western lifestyle city has several cultures and very famous among tourists.