Jordan Kuwait Bank Credit Card - Visa Infinite

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JD 10,000
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features It has a high purchasing power, in addition to personal security features for the card holder, and which provides the advantage of dealing with a team of specialists who secure the card holder's every need during travel abroad, such as hotel bookings, luggage transfers, foreign currency exchanges, emergency situations, and cash support, as well as other necessary services, by contacting the telephone numbers on the card where all inqueries are answered in English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese

Jordan Kuwait Bank

The Jordan Kuwait Bank Amman is an Award Winning bank, established in the year 1976 by a group of investors from Jordan and Kuwait. The bank has its 50 branches in three countries (Palestine, Cyprus and Jordan). The bank is providing quality of services and products in the areas of retail banking, business banking, investment, treasury and digital banking, through its professional employees. The bank has social responsibility and working in the areas of education, culture, health and rehabilitation programs for welfare of people. The bank initial paid up capital was 5 million and have achieved a certain progress during a period of 35 years since its establishment.

Amman City

The Amman is famous for its tourism, transportation system, historical places and hotels. It attracts every year so many travelers and jobseekers. It is a good place to find a suitable job because it has major offices of businesses like DHL, Standard Chartered, Arab Bank and Fed Ex. The Amman metro bus system, excellent roads and Amman airport are the most attractive parts of transportation system. Due to new economical developments, it is an attractive place for businesses, jobseekers and tourists. The mosques, temples and the museum are the historical places to visit for the tourists. It attracts so many tourists every year.

Credit Card – Visa Infinite

The Jordan Kuwait Bank offered you with unique product of Visa Infinite Credit Facility, according to needs and demands of the specific customers.


The benefits of the Visa Infinite Credit Card are:

  •     It is an infinite charge Credit Card.
  •     Worldwide acceptance.
  •     Alternative cheques and cash.
  •     Facility to buy goods (high purchasing power).
  •     Facility of cash withdrawal through ATM’s.
  •     Free advice, during abroad travelling, reservation, luggage transfer and any emergency.
  •     With maximum credit limit, (minimum limit is 10000 JD).
  •     Card payments according to your own choice.