Societe Generale de Banque / Jordanie Credit Card - Classic or Gold

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Benefit Classic is charged at yearly fee of JOD 25; Benefit Gold is charged at yearly fee of JOD 35
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Choose your most convenient monthly payment: 5%, 10% or 20% of the total amount of the card statement balance or JOD 15, 25, 35 (whichever is higher) ; Enjoy up to 40 days grace period on interest repayment (applicable for purchases only); insurance coverage for Travel; Life insurance program subscribed with Sogecap Liban covering death from all causes and / or accidental disability, up to JOD 10,000 for Benefit classic and JOD 25,000 for Benefit Gold; Get a free monthly card statement

Societe Generale de Banque Jordanie is a leading financial institution in the world.

Societe Generale de Banque Jordanie is a leading financial institution in the world. Founded in 1965, it entered the Jordan market in the year 1999. Societe Generale offers a diverse range of retail banking products like bank accounts, loans, credit cards etc to its individual customers. It also provides corporate banking and investment advisory services to its clients. The bank is under the majority ownership of Societe Generale de Banque au Liban. It currently has about 4 subsidiaries in the country, with each one operating in various sectors like real estate, resorts, engineering and more. The bank has been listed at the Amman Stock Exchange since 2011.


Amman is the financial heart of Jordan. It attracts all major multinational companies who are looking to make their entry into the Middle East market. Amman is gaining popularity among investors who are looking for an alternative investment destination in the Middle East other than the regular ones like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. Many foreign tourists also flock to Amman to experience the Arabic heritage without having to compromise much on modern ways of life. Amman is a balanced mix of traditional and western values. Spread over an area of about 1680 square kilometers, Amman has a total population of more than 4 million.

Societe Generale’s credit card offers.

Societe Generale’s credit card offers customers an easy way to shop without having to worry about paying for the product today.
Whether you choose the Classic or Gold card, you can make your monthly card payments in easy installments ranging from 5% to 20% of the card balance.
A unique compensation plan will protect you from any loss due to delay in flights or any damage to your luggage.
You can also receive a compensation of up to JOD 25,000 in case of any disability arising from an accident.
Your monthly card statement will be sent to you free of charge.