ARAB BANK House Loan - Home Construction

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JOD 700,000
Length of Loan 30 Years
Profit Rate 8.25% p.a.
Upfront Fees ( if any ) 1% of loan amount
Eligibility Financing up to 100% of the house value
Main Features Life and property insurance; Account services such as free Visa Electron, Arabi Online Service and Hala Arabi Service; A variety of Credit Card options to choose from


The Arab Bank is one of the largest banks, started work on 14 July 1930, more than 6000 employees, 600 branches and Headquartered in Amman, Jordan. The bank is providing customer services and products in the areas of Consumer Banking, Institutional Banking, Corporate Banking and Treasury. The bank is focused on the customer service, trust, teamwork and transparency. The bank has professional environment because it recruit graduates from different colleges and universities. The bank considers the people or consumers, the most valuable assets. The Arab bank has an international presence in 30 countries. It has operations in the economic and financial markets of London, Geneva, Sydney and Dubai. It is consistently growing and expanding its operations in all over the world.


Amman is the largest city and capital of Amman. It was founded in 7000 BC.  After the Iraq war, it becomes a business hub for some countries and is attracting more investors and businesses. The Amman is an attractive place for the tourists and traveler because of historical places, buildings, wonderful transportation system, parks, shopping malls, universities, bridges, hotels and restaurant. Several communities and expatriates, from different regions of the world reside in this city. Many banks like Citi bank, Standard Chartered and Arab have established their offices in this well developed city. The major trade of this city is Tourism.

House Loan- House Construction

If you need money for the home construction, you can avail the service of house construction loan from the Arab Bank Amman. The advantages of the House Construction include:

  •     Feasible Interest Rates (Market competitive).
  •     Flexible loan amounts from the range of JOD 5,000 to JOD 700,000.
  •     The facility of the funding up to 100% price of the house.
  •     Facility of property insurance and life insurance.
  •     Loan Calculator for your loan calculations.
  •     Several types of credit to select from.
  •     The facility of, Free Visa Electron, Arabic Online service and Hala Arabi Services.

You can get more information about house construction loans by visiting nearby branch, call to our customer service representative and visit the Arab Bank Amman Website for online application form.