ARAB BANK House Loan - Home Improvement

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JOD 200,000
Length of Loan 15 Years
Profit Rate 8.99% p.a.
Upfront Fees ( if any ) 1% of loan amount
Eligibility Financing up to 50% of the Villa’s value and 40 %of the apartment’s value
Main Features Ability to finance mortgage fees; Life and property insurance; Account services such as free Visa Electron, Arabi Online Service and Hala Arabi Service; A variety of Credit Card options to choose from


The bank was established on 14 July 1930. The bank is headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Arab Bank is an international bank, with more than 600 branches, has its operations in more than 30 countries and 6490 employees. The bank has a steady growth and development in its operations. It has international presence in the famous financial markets of London, Paris, Dubai and Geneva. The products and services of the bank are Personal Banking, Elite Banking and corporate Banking.  The Sabih Masri is the chairman of the bank. The bank value mostly transparency, customer service, focus on customer and teamwork. The most valuable assets in Arab bank, is its people.

About Amman

The Amman is the historical capital city of Jordan, economic center and the city of tourists and travelers. It is the place in which the offices of the largest banks like Arab Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and the Citi Bank have operations. The Arab Bank is headquartered in this city. It has a population more than Forty One Lac and one of the most populated cities in Jordan. Several communities (expatriates) reside in this wonderful city. The Amman city has the facilities like Education (Universities), unique transportation system, Historical places, Parks, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Restaurant. It has 9th rank in the tourism (all over the world).

House Loan-Home Improvement

Arab Bank facilitates you with your home improvement needs and demands. The benefits of the home loan improvement including:

  •     The Loan Calculator.
  •     Interest rates are market competitive.
  •     Loan sum from JOD 5,000 to JOD 200,000.
  •     Loan period from one to thirty years (period for consolidating loans is 30 years).
  •     Funding up to 40% of the apartment price and 50% of the Villa’s value.
  •     The facility to finance mortgage fees.
  •     Property and Life insurance facilities.
  •     The facility of services like free Visa Electron, Hala Arabi and Arabi Online Service.
  •     An option to choose from a variety of credit cards.