Bank al Etihad House Loan

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JOD 500,000
Length of Loan Flexible tenure up to 30 years
Profit Rate 7.50% to 8%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) 1% of Loan amount
Eligibility Latest salary/income/employment verification documen; Valid national ID or passport; Property appraisal from an accredited evaluator; Financing up to 90% of the property value and 100% of the construction cost value; Land finance up to 75% of land value
Main Features 1% loan commission for the first year; Free life and property insurance; Kitchen and furniture financing is possible within loan amount; Stamps, mortgage and registration fees financing is possible within loan amount; Buyout loan facility available from other banks with competitive interest rates; The possibility of postponing your installments; Refinance facility is available;

Bank al Etihad is a Jordanian bank

Bank al Etihad is a Jordanian bank that was established in the year 1978 with a paid up capital of JOD 110 million. It is at the forefront of financial innovation and was the first Jordanian bank to offer smart phone based banking applications.  It also launched a core banking system in 2011 which helped them to improve their banking system. Whether it is a credit card, personal loan, housing loan or any other financial product you want, you can expect top quality customer service from the bank. As a part of its community service initiatives, the bank also supports many initiatives like education, arts etc that help local communities.  


Amman is the capital of Jordan and a major business hub in the Middle East. It also attracts more than 8 million tourists a year which adds to the prosperity of the nation’s economy. Amman has also carved itself a special niche as being the Middle East’s top medical tourism destination. Spread over an area of 1680 square kilometers, Amman accommodates a population of almost 2400 residents per square kilometers.  Many multinational companies are attracted to the city and have been setting up their businesses here. In fact, Amman is in league with Dubai as one of the top cities that attract the majority of business activity in the Middle East.

Bank al Etihad can offer you financing

If you are looking for a house loan, Bank al Etihad can offer you financing of up to JOD 500,000.
The funding will be available for 90% property value if you are buying a home or 100% construction value if you are building a new one.
All your kitchen and furniture expenses can be funded through the loan program. Customers looking to purchase land can receive financing for up to 75% of the value of the land.
The bank gives all customers free insurance for the property.
You will also have buyout option available from other banks at very competitive interest rates.