Cairo Amman Bank House Loan - For employees of the public and private sectors and entrepreneurship

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan 20 years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Monthly installment amount for public sector to up to 50 % of the salary that equals 600 JD and above; The duration of settlement for the public sector only might reach 30 years provided that the customer's age does not exceed 60 years when the last installment becomes due and that finance does not exceed 80%
Main Features Insurance on the real state contents for a JD 5,000 ceiling; Providing a Visa credit card, free of issue fee for the first year; Second degree mortgage in favor of CAB is acceptable if there is already a first degree mortgage in favor of the employer only in the public sector; CAB provides, along with the loan, life insurance in favor of the borrower covering the entire term of the loan, and insurance of the subject real estate

Cairo Amman Bank

The Cairo Amman Bank is committed to ensure a banking experience par excellence for all its clients. As part of this commitment, the bank has a wide-spread network of branches and ATMs spread across its area of operations in the Middle East. Among its pioneering services is the use of iris recognition or retina scanning at ATMs and teller counters. This not only does away with the need of identity verification, ATM cards and PIN numbers but is also extremely user friendly. This innovative technology has been adopted by the bank to ensure a secure and convenient banking experience for its esteemed clientele.


Westernisation in Amman has seen a sudden increase in the number of music bars, nightclubs and hookah parlours (called shisha lounges) as well as the easy availability of alcohol in restaurants, clubs and even super markets. The change from a conservative to a modern city has not been easy. The younger population of Jordan is playing a key role in shaping its changing night life as well as its shift towards economic progress. The government’s initiative is visible in the Abdali project. This project aims to develop Amman as an important business district and includes luxury apartments and hotels, malls and modern offices.

House Loan (For employees of the public and private sectors and entrepreneurship)

A comparison of housing loans for private and public sectors and entrepreneurships is an interesting study. In case of public sector employees the repayment tenure may vary from 5 to 30 years, provided the borrower’s age may not exceed 60 at the time of the last instalment and loan amount does not exceed 80% of the cost of the property. For private sector the tenure cannot exceed 20 years. A public sector employee can avail up to 100% of the cost of property while a private sector employee can avail loan of up to 80% of the cost of property.