Cairo Amman Bank House Loan - For land (for private sector and expatriates)

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan 10 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Monthly installment not exceeding 40 % of the family’s monthly income; Financing up to 50% of the estimated value of the land
Main Features Life insurance for the borrower covering the entire loan amount;

Cairo Amman Bank

The Cairo Amman bank has been working alongside the local administration to ensure that the community at large is benefited. Each program implemented by the bank has been keeping this policy in mind. This thinking on the part of the bank’s management has also been responsible for the banks efforts at providing a seamless and integrated banking experience. The bank offers services like loans, investment services, credit cards and much more to ensure that all the needs and expectations of their clients are met. The bank has also been at the forefront of environmental protection through its support of the green culture.


A country of great diversity, Amman is strategically located and a gateway to the Middle-east.   The city can be easily explored in 2 days after which tourists tend to move onto exploring the nearby areas while keeping Amman as their base. However, Amman has much to offer tourists and residents alike on the cultural front. Besides the many clubs and cultural centres, Amman also boasts of many cultural activities like the Short Film Festival in September. The summer festival is an annual event and draws large crowds not just from the Persian Gulf but also from across the world.

House Loan [For land (for private sector and expatriates)]

Clauses for house loans are different for private sector employees and expats. These two categories of persons are only eligible for a maximum loan amount not exceeding 50% of the land value. The interest rates of the loan are very competitive and the tenure of the loan cannot exceed 10 years. The monthly instalment of the loan is computed such that it cannot exceed more than 40 percent of the gross monthly income of the family. As with public sector employees, private sector employees and expats also need to have a life insurance cover equivalent to the total loan amount.