Capital Bank of Jordan House Loan

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan 30 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features 1% Commission inadvance for the first year only; Ability of including total family income for the Debit Baring Ratio; Free property and life insurance; A Credit Card with free issuance and renewal fees

Capital Bank of Jordan

Asset management, corporate finance, commercial finance, market research for investment of capital and brokerage on securities are just some of the services that the Capital Bank of Jordan has to offer its corporate clients. Since high-end clients are more demanding and usually work with tight schedules and time constraints, the bank aims to provide them with flexible and reliable solutions that are tailor-made to suit the needs of each client. The National Bank of Iraq, in which the Capital Bank has a controlling stake, has helped the bank to extend its extra-ordinary services in the Iraqi market as well.


Despite the large immigrant population in Amman thanks to the volatile conditions in the middle-east, Amman the capital of Jordan is a safe place to visit. Palestinians, Iraqis and Syrians have all made a home in Amman and have contributed to the countries rich heritage of tolerance and love.  Strict vigilance by the local military and police has resulted in a very low crime rate and a high level of personal safety both day and night.  The modernisation and westernisation of the city have not resulted in any changes to the safety and security in the country in general and Amman in particular.

House Loan

Most individuals who have considered purchasing or constructing a house would have given significant thought to home loans. A house loan may be availed not just for construction or purchase but also for renovation or extending the exisiting house. Each type of requirement would mean a difference in the tenure of the loan. However, mortgaging the property under consideration is a common factor for any house loan. The title of the property remains with the lender until the borrower has settled all dues including the principle amount and interest payable. Once all dues have been settled, the title of the property reverts to the individual who has mortgaged the property.