Islamic International Arab Bank PLC House Loan - Murabaha Land Finance

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan 10 Year
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Public sector employees and Companies accredited by the Bank, self-employed; Finance up to 80%
Main Features Registration of the land title to the name of the customer; Some cases the bank will mortgage the land2015-02-10

Islamic International Arab Bank PLC Amman

The skyline of Jordan’s most successful and celebrated banks is incomplete without the Islamic International Arab Bank. The Arab Bank   delivers on its banking mandate while adhering to the principles of Shariah law .

The bank has existed and operated since 1930. It commands a strong branch network in the excess of 600 branches all over world. It also has a global presence in 30 nations and 5 continents.

The Arab bank is a principal economic giant in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa. It provides banking services and capital, and facilitates development and trade across these region regions. IIAB   is the highest-rated, by market capitalization, and controls 28% of Amman’s Stock Exchange.


Amman is a city that boasts of a rich and long history. It is the kingdom’s royal throne and principal city. It is also its largest and most populous city with a growing metropolitan population that exceeds four million dwellers. Amman is also the chief cultural and commercial center of Jordan.

Amman is fast cementing its regional might as a modern commercial center in the Middle East. With the current growth and population boom in real estate and commerce, it is still one of the few Middle East cities that are rivaling Dubai and its equivalents in the quest to remain a premier commercial destination.

House Loan - Murabaha Land Finance

Land Financing Loan from IIAB offers you the power to own land. It comes decorated with the following salient features:

    * Financing  amount between JD 25,000 - JD 250,000;

    * Financing periods  between 12-120 months;

    * Flexible repayment installments;

    * Financing up to 50% of land value against property mortgage;

    * Free life insurance cover;

    * Various credit card options.


    * Valid national ID for locals or valid resident visa for aliens;

   * Recent utility bill in the name of the client e.g. telephone;

   * Most current  salary, income or employment verification documentation;

   * Property purchase and sale agreement;

   * Ownership certificate of the financed property; and

   * Proof of property deposit.