Jordan Kuwait Bank House Loan

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Possibility of granting the loan without a limit
Length of Loan 25 years
Profit Rate 7.25% - 8.5%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility A photocopy of a personal identification document (civil ID for Jordanians/passport for non-Jordanian); Ability to finance up to 90% of the property's value in the case of purchasing a house and 100% in the case of building one;
Main Features Free life insurance subject to the insurance company's approval ; Easy conditions with grace periods of up to 6 months in the case of purchasing a house and 12 months in the case of building one provided that interest is paid on a monthly basis; Issuing Visa Credit Card (Revolving) exempt of fees for the second year and with a credit limit that suits the client's income; Issuing Master Card (Fly and Plus) against payment of set fees and with a credit limit that suits the client's income; Possibility of granting additional financing for the kitchen not to exceed 10% of the loan's value and with a maximum limit of JD 6,000, provided that the total value of the loan inclusive of the kitchen loan does not exceed the average estimated value of the property; Possibility of granting additional financing for maintenance to be granted after the repayment of 25% of the original loan and does not exceed 20% of the original loan, provided that the value of the financing does not exceed the average estimated value of the property

Jordan Kuwait Bank

The Jordan Kuwait Bank Amman started its operation since 1976. The Abdel Karim Kabariti is the Chair- man of the Jordan Kuwait Bank. The bank was founded by the group of Kuwaiti and Jordanians investors. The initial paid up capital was 5 million JD and it was 100 million JD in the year 2008. The bank has 50 branches in Jordan, Cyprus and Palestine. The bank is providing specialized services and distinguished products in the treasury & investment, retail banking, business banking and private banking. The bank aim is to provide the clients with the new developments in the banking. The bank has social responsibility in the fields of health, environment, education and rehabilitation programs.

Home Loans

Jordan Kuwait Bank presents you loans for houses, the facility of leasing for land, apartments and for construction of existing property.


The advantages of the home loans are:

  •     The opportunity to get the maximum loan.
  •     Private and public sectors employees with middle and high salary are eligible for this loan.
  •     Life insurance facility.
  •     Funding up to 90% of the property’s value for buying a home and 100% for construction.
  •     Flexible grace period up to 1 year.
  •     Facility of Visa Credit Card without charges and with maximum credit limit according to your salary.
  •     Repayment in installments up to 25 years.


The required documents for the Home loans are:

  •     Identification Card Photocopy.
  •     Residency Permit.
  •     Real estate registration.

Amman City

The Amman is a renowned capital city of Jordan. The Amman is the city of expatriates, tourists and business travelers. Every year it attracts so many tourists because of its economic development, business hub, excellent transportation system and historical places. The city is developed like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City. The main offices of world famous businesses are in this charming city. The tourism is the main trade of this city. The Amman city has Beta ranking in the world index.  The city has western life style with several communities and different cultures. The Amman city is progressing quickly after the war in Iraq because most of the business establishing their location in this city.