Bank of Jordan PLC Personal Loan

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JD 70,000
Length of Loan 7 Years
Profit Rate Competitive diminishing interest rates from 9.75%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Applicants' age must be between 21-70 years old during the loan period; This loan is available for Jordanians in private and public sector employees, retirees, military personnel, international entities' employees and self-employed
Main Features Preapproved credit card without issuance fees; Possibility of granting personal loans against mortgage or car collateral at preferred annual diminishing interest rates from 7.5%; No guarantor required; Possibility of buying applicant's existing loans from other banks; Life insurance at applicant’s expense

Bank of Jordan PLC

Created in 1960 and based in Amman, the Bank of Jordan operates in Jordan but also in Palestine, supported by a network of 97 branches and representative offices and almost 150 ATM's. The Bank provides a wide range of financial and banking products and services to corporates, small and medium enterprises and individuals, such as treasury management, credit cards and leasing. Developing high quality services that suit the financial needs and preferences of the customers is a major part of its strategy. For that purpose, the IT infrastructures and the performance of the human resources are regularly improved by training program and researches.


Since 1921, Amman is the capital of Jordan. Its population is more than two millions of inhabitants, so the city is the most crowded of the country and has a very dynamic demography. Often compared to Roma for its number of hills, Amman attracts every years a lot of tourists thanks to its well-preserved old constructions from the Greco-Roman period. The city also attracts visitors for business purpose. In fact, many multinational companies has established their branches and representative offices in order to extend their business in the MENA region. Amman is as attractive as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha.

Personal Loan

The Bank of Jordan offers "Al Hal" personal loans to support the customer's dreams, thanks to a maximum loan amount of JD 70000. The benefits are numerous, such as a competitive decreasing interest rates of 9,75% with an easy and flexible repayment method. Plus, the offer includes a free of charge credit card. Regarding the requirements needed, the Bank doesn't asked for any guarantor. "Al Hal" personal loan is available for all Jordanians working in private and public sector, as well as international employees and self-employed, as long as the applicants' age is more than 21 and less than 70 years old.