Islamic International Arab Bank PLC Personal Loan - Furniture, Electrical Appliances Finance / Murabaha Finance 

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available JOD 20,000
Length of Loan 2 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Public sector employees and Companies accredited by the Bank;
Main Features Finance up to 100%

Islamic International Arab Bank PLC Amman

Islamic International Arab Bank ranks among Jordan’s prime and oldest banks. It executes its banking mandate in line with the dictates of  Shariah law as it meets the fast growing demand for excellent services and Islamic banking products.

The Bank was officially inaugurated in the year 1930 and it boasts of over 600 branches across 30 countries in five different continents. This is what makes it a banking force to reckon with. It is not a wonder that in 2014 it was named the Best Trade Finance Provider in the Middle East. The bank is also dedicated to serving its corporate and individual client base.


Amman rests as a city on the hill and acts as the royal capital and key city of Jordan. It is also its largest and most populated city with a booming population that has soared to more than 4 million people. It doubles for a modern metropolis as well as an ancient historical zone with a protracted history that can be traced back to the ancient Biblical days when it was known as Rabbath Ammon and Philadelphia.

Amman also serves as the principal social-economic base of the Jordanian Kingdom. Amman is zoned into two historical sites. They are: the ancient city on the East side; and the modern city on the West.

Personal Loan - Furniture, Electrical Appliances Finance / Murabaha Finance  

This is another unique and flexible loan product from the Arab Bank. It is tailored to suite your personal needs and enables you to give your house a furnishing face-lift without hassles.


  •    Loan amount that meets your needs;
  •    Loan durations of up to 72 months;
  •    Grace period of  up to one month;
  •    No guarantor needed;
  •    Flexible top-ups;  
  •    Installment can be deferred;
  •    Buy-out loans facility available; and
  •    Flexible application procedures needing simple documentations.

You require:

  •     A valid national ID card ;
  •     A valid resident Visa if you’re an  alien; and
  •     Your latest salary, income or employment verification papers.