Jordan Islamic Bank Personal Loan - My Needs Financing

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan 5 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Offer invoice of the furniture wanted to be purchased; Proof of Income (salary certificate – salary transfer continuity); Proof of Identity
Main Features Availability of financing new furniture; Financing amounts that meet your demands; Easy guarantees and conditions

Jordan Islamic Bank

It is one of the oldest and largest banks in Jordan. It was established 37 years ago, as a public shareholding limited company mandated to perform all kinds of banking, financing and investment activities in compliance with Islamic Shariah law.

The Bank offers its banking, financing and investment services through its 71 branches alongside 17 cash offices in the different regions in Jordan. It has a network of over 150 ATMs all over the Kingdom.

The Bank employs about 2000 people with clear knowledge and experience to offer Islamic and modern banking services.

It has a client base of about 629,400 active accounts and it ranks among Jordan’s premier banks.


Amman is the royal throne of the ancient Kingdom of Jordan. It is also the Kingdom’s largest city teeming with a swelling population of over four million as per the latest census. It stands out as a modern city with a long ancient history that traces back to ancient Bible ages when it was then known as Rabbath Ammon.

The city is also the Kingdom’s core economic and cultural base. Amman can be zoned into two historical zones namely, the ancient city on the East and the modern city on the West. It is endowed with a cosmopolitan population that is hospitable and welcoming.

My needs financing

It is a product of Jordan Islamic Bank that gives you the power to furnish and give your house a face-lift that comes faster than how your savings could have done. It is tailored for your needs and it has the following features:

Financing of  new furniture;

  • Flexible installment period  of up to 60 months;
  • Highly competitive Murabaha rates;
  • Financing sufficient amounts that meet your needs;
  • Easy and friendly  guarantying  and conditions;


  • Produce invoice of the furniture that needs to be purchased;
  • Proof of income such as salary certificate – salary transfer continuity; and
  • Proof of Identity.