Life Insurance in Cairo

Life insurance is an insurance cover where the assured sum is paid to the insured person’s dependants in case of death. These days life insurance policies offer extended coverage to include terminal illness and fatal injuries.

There are also other types of insurance such as vehicle insurance, home, theft, travel and medical insurance. Life insurance in particular is undertaken for the peace of mind and safety net it provides to one’s family in case of the untimely death of the principal bread-winner. Today more and more young people are opting for life insurance in Cairo to safeguard their family against unexpected mishaps.

Typically there are two types of life insurance: Term insurance and Permanent insurance. As the name suggests, term insurance is a temporary insurance where, in the event of death of the insured person, compensation is provided to the beneficiary as per the terms of the policy.

Permanent insurance includes endowment policies which are valid till the time you keep paying the premium. If needed, the policy can be redeemed in the insured person’s lifetime as well.

How to Choose Your Life Insurance Policy

Buying life insurance is extremely useful if you have dependents and have financial obligations as the chief earning member of your family.
Today financial institutions offer several types of life insurance plans with added features and benefits. Many policies are designed to include a savings element, providing you the dual benefit of protection against death and a financially independent retirement.

Before buying life insurance in Cairo, you need to evaluate what you want from your insurance policy, and consider the following key aspects:

  • The total sum you wish to assure
  • The tenure of the policy
  • Your age. The younger you are at the time of taking the policy, the better
  • The policy premium amount
  • Frequency of premium payments (monthly, quarterly or annual)
  • Whether the policy provides illness and/or accident cover
  • What impact the new policy will have on your current life insurance policy if you have one
  • Whether a term policy can be renewed after the term is over
  • Tax exemptions available under the insurance policy

Apply for Life Insurance in Cairo with MoneyGulf

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