Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) No
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Free comprehensive multi trip travel insurance cover; free Purchase Protection cover; airport lounge access; tailored limits to suit your financial needs; flexible repayment options of 5%, 10% or 100 %; upto 50 days grace period on purchases; up to 4 supplementary cards for your family members; no annual membership fees


The IQB has been a partner in Qatar’s growth as is evident by the various initiatives the bank is associated with. The bank continues in its social responsibility by supporting worthy causes in the diverse fields like health and safety, finance, sports, education, culture and charity. The bank continues to support the local community and nurture the youth in their areas of interest.  The bank and its staff are continuously striving to locate and support opportunities that help in the nation’s growth. The bank’s guiding principles of collaboration and integrity have been an integral part of the growth of the bank, its customers, shareholders and the community.


Doha is a visually appealing and modern city. Each aspect of the city has been carefully crafted to create an attractive image in tune with its future prospects. Of special mention here is the Al-Corniche, a long promenade along the Doha bay. A walk along this seaside marvel is a great way to capture a breath-taking view of the Island of Palm Tree and the skyscrapers’ in the city of Doha. A great place for jogging and skating, cycling is strictly prohibited here. A favourite among locals and expats alike, the Corniche is usually less crowded on Friday mornings. A giant sttue of Oxy, the mascot of the 15th Asian games bears a special mention.

Credit Card - Visa Platinum

Exceptional spending power is just one of the advantages of the Visa Platinum card from IQB. The card offers the holder peace of mind thanks to the latest in safety, security and card technology. A great many value-added services are part of the Visa Platinum Credit card. These include a 24 hour customer service desk, a comprehensive travel insurance cover, Purchase Protection for all online and offline purchases using the card and a flexible repayment option.  Cash advances to cover emergencies and free supplementary cards are also part of the package that ensure that the card holder enjoys the best in class services on his travels within the country and abroad.