Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate 0% Profit Rate; Cash withdrawal fees 3%; Currency conversion fee 2%; Re-issuance QR 100; Issuance/ annual renewal of supplementary card QR 100
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Issuance fees / annual renewal fees QR 500
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Shari'a-compliant; 100% cash withdrawal; Supplementary cards; Monthly statements to track your spending; Request of statement by fax


Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) founded in 1982 as the state’s first Islamic financial institution prides itself on providing Sharia-compliant products and services to its clients. The bank provides a wide range of corporate and retail banking solutions. With retail customers exceeding 170,000 in number and corporate clients exceeding 3000, QIB has a substantially large share of the Islamic banking market as well as the overall banking sector. Its domestic business spans 32 branches in the state of Qatar and includes some 175 multifunctional ATMs. Listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange, the bank has made a number of significant investments in a number of other financial institutions including Asian Finance Bank and QInvest.


If you plan on making a short stopover in Doha whether for pleasure or for business, there is always plenty to do. Doha, the economic capital of Qatar, is home to the state’s three national oil companies which drive much of its economy. It is also home to a unique abundance of heritage and culture. The architectural wealth is perhaps most evident in the Fort town, Doha Fort. The Fort is home to numerous traditional handicrafts and exhibits such as the Bedouin Sadu; all which clearly illustrate the traditional heritage and culture of the craftsmen of Doha in the past.

Credit Card - PLATINUM

The platinum credit card offering provided by QIB bank provides a lot of exclusive features and benefits with minimal charges. Card holders benefit from 100% cash withdrawal facility in addition to standard features such as tracking of monthly transactions and SMS notifications. Moreover, supplementary cards are also provided to platinum credit card holders. Some of the fees that apply to this particular card include cash withdrawal fees and currency conversion fees of 3% and 2% respectively. Moreover, platinum card holders are subject to annual renewal fees of QR 500 as well as reissuance fees of QR 100 and annual supplementary card renewal fees of QR 100 per card.