Credit Cards in Doha

Modern trends in credit cards in Doha

Credit cards in Doha are now becoming financial “portable pets” accompanying most of the city’s inhabitants. This billowing lifestyle trend is attributable to the quick transformations elevating life style quality in Doha.
How credit cards in Doha work
All card- issuing banks track the customer’s monthly expenses incurred using their credit cards. This enables the banks to bill card holders at every month end.

Eligibility for credit cards in Doha

These are the mandatory requirements that need to be met by all applicants who desire to get credit cards in Doha:

A valid National ID card for native applicants;
A valid resident visa for foreign applicants;
Latest bank statement;
Applicants’ salary certificate;
A good credit record ; and
Latest utility bills in the name of the applicants.

Platinum credit cards in Doha

A great many of the banks trading in Doha issue Platinum credit cards. They come oozing with every kind of prestigious benefits that resound well with those who love “the soft side of life”.

Fees charged on all credit cards in Doha

All credit cards in Doha incur charges when:

Withdrawing cash;
Transacting beyond the card limits; and
Payments are delayed.

Effective management of credits cards in Doha

Always transact within your card limits;
Track all your credit card transactions; 
Clear your card bill on time and fully ;
Take advantage of the SMS and email alerts to remain updated with your credit card transactions;
Keep your credit card PIN SECRET.

Balance transfer

A great many of the banks issuing credit cards in Doha offer this facility. Balance transfer helps a card holder to balance their credit cards in the event that they are in rising debts.

Airline credit cards in Doha

Airline credit cards are unique tools designed to add flavor to the holder’s travelling experience at home and abroad. These cards offer privileges such as:
Accumulating points that can be redeemed for Air miles every time the card is used to make hotel reservations or buy air tickets.