AL AHLI BANK Mortgage Loan - For Expat

Minimum Salary needed QAR 15,000
Maximum amount available QAR 3M
Length of Loan 20 Years
Profit Rate 3% to 6%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) No
Eligibility Salary assigned to your Ahlibank account; Above 21 years of age at the time of application and not older than 60 years at the time the facility matures; Maximum monthly payments not to exceed 50% of total monthly salary; Liability letter from your existing bank titled to Ahlibank and 3 months bank statements (for buyout cases only); End of Service (EOS) assignment letter from your employer; Post dated security cheques for the amount borrowed; Copy of the title deed of the property; Certified real estate valuation from an office registered by the Court of Justice in Qatar and approved by the bank (if the property value is more than QAR 2.5M, then 2 valuations will be required); First legal mortgage over the property;
Main Features Free Processing fee, Early settlement fee, Partial settlement fee, Top-up fee, Rescheduling fee; Installment deferment fee QAR 50 per deferment; Life insurance cover 0.05% of the total outstanding loan amount; Late payment fee QAR 100 per installment ; Liability/No liability letter QAR 25 per letter


Although deeply rooted in tradition, the Al Ahli Bank is deeply committed to being a modern bank. Dedicated to ensuring the best service and personalised attention to its clients, the bank has always ensured that the latest technology has been adopted keeping in mind customer convenience. Open, friendly, simple and straightforward, the bank has always remained at the heart of the local community. These guiding principles have played a key role in ensuring that the Al Ahli Bank has a special place in the hearts and minds of its discerning clients. The clients of Al Ahli Bank have always known that they have a trusted place for the most effective and reliable products and advice on all financial matters


The city of Doha has a colourful history. Initially called Al-Bidda, there is much speculation regarding the name ‘Doha’. While many believe the name is derived from ‘Ad-Dawha’, an Arabic word for a huge tree that stood prominently at the centre of the village, others are of the opinion that the name ‘Doha’ owes its origin to ‘Dohat’ the Arabic word for gulf or Bay. This coastal city has been at the centre of many wars. The city was badly destroyed in the 1825 war between Bahrain and Qatar. The Al-Wajbah fortress was built in 1882. This fortress was instrumental in Qatar’s victory against the Ottoman Empire in 1883.

Mortgage Loan - For Expat

Mortgage loans can be availed by locals and expats alike since Qatar allows expats to own property in selected locales. To avail a mortgage loan, an expat should be between 21 and 60 for the period from applying for the loan till the term of the loan expires. The applicant also needs to have a monthly salary not below QAR 15,000 of which not more than 50% can be used towards repayment of the loan.  A valid Qatar Id card, passport with a valid resident permit, a salary certificate and an EOS (End of Service) assignment letter from the employer would be required for applying for the loan. A copy of the title deed of the property under consideration, certified real estate valuation, first legal mortgage over the property and post-dated security cheques fir the loan amount including interest complete the document requirement.