Personal Loans for Self-Employed UAE Nationals in Dubai from Dunia

Interest Rate: 14 to 39%
Tenor: Maximum period of 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 5000
Arrangement fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Late payment fee: 2% of the delayed amount, minimum being AED 50 and maximum AED 200
Loan cancellation fee: AED 100
Salary transfer: Not needed
Early settlement fee: 1% of principal amount

Personal loan for UAE Nationals self-employed in Dubai from Dunia

If you are a self-employed UAE national seeking a personal loan in order to meet urgent financial commitments, The interest you pay on the loan amount is calculated on the reducing balance, so the EMI is determined accordingly. The company fixes the rate of interest and sanctions your loan after carefully evaluating your profile. Maximum amount that Dunia offers to its customers is AED 100,000. Approval time is normally 48 hours with only a few requirements as mentioned below:

Statement of bank account for the latest quarter
Latest pay slip
Passport and visa copies
Proof of residence
If you have a loan account elsewhere, you need to submit the loan account statement

Self Employed loan for UAE Nationals from Dunia

Dunia Finance L.L.C. was launched in 2008 as a joint venture between Fullerton Financial Holdings based in Singapore, Mubadala Development Company based in Abu Dhabi and Waha Capital.
The business model of Dunia Finance is based mainly on their objective to offer financial services to deserving customers in several segments including the salaried class, self-employed, affluent customers who are looking to expand their business etc.
Dunia promises a calculated approach focusing on basic values in sustaining the economic, environmental and social performances of the business. The business is wholly centered around its customers but is cautious about not taking excessive risks that may result in an economic crisis. This is the reason for Dunia’s success in the UAE financial business arena within just 30 months of its launch.
The personal loans offered by Dunia to UAE nationals who are self-employed have benefited them in more ways than one as the loans are customer-driven and cater to most of their financial needs.

Dubai News

Dubai is a vital and vibrant part of the UAE which is a confederation of 7 emirates. It has, in addition to the many tourist attractions and world firsts such as Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, the most technologically developed financial sector in the Middle east.
Dubai has a large expatriate work force that has made it their home in the last several decades. The expat population contribute largely to the development of the financial segment of the UAE. It is amazing how an impoverished desert country was transformed into a modern state that offers a high standard of living to its residents, thanks to the discovery of oil resources almost four decades ago.
But now the growing influx of expats from all over the world and the rising prices are posing a big challenge to the government. With a high degree of diversification going on through the excellent development of sectors like real estate, retail trade, finance and healthcare, Dubai hopes to meet these challenges and overcome them in the near future.
If you wish to apply for a personal loan at Dunia Finance, please fill in the form on this page and our representative will get in touch with you soon.