Personal Loans for Salaried UAE Nationals in Dubai from NIB

Interest Rate: 3.45%
Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 5,000
Arrangement fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Early settlement fee: 1% of outstanding balance
Insurance fee: 0.99%
Salary transfer: Needed

Personal Loans for Salaried UAE Nationals from NIB in Dubai

NIB UAE National personal loans are a boon to Nationals especially because of their significantly low rates of interest and the added benefits that are offered along with them. You can get a maximum loan amount of AED 2,000,000 depending on your salary. Free credit card, life insurance cover, additional finance in need and loan transfer from other banks are a few of the extra benefits.
NIB personal loans are processed very quickly and require the least documentation. All you need to be eligible for the loan is that you should be over 21 years of age and should be a confirmed employee or working for at least six months prior to the loan application.
You don’t have to transfer your salary to NIB if your monthly earning is more than AED 10,000 but be aware that the profit rate charged on the loan would be higher.

NIB UAE National personal loans

The erstwhile Noor Islamic Bank, now called the Noor Bank, is a successful bank having had its roots in 2008 and growing steadily ever since. In this short duration, the bank has shown considerable growth mainly due to its systematic functioning and core principles. The chief objective of the bank is to cater to the specific needs of all segments of people such as individuals, businesses, institutions, large corporations and the Government. NIB loans are Shari’a compliant and are offered in a comprehensive package in wealth management, personal, retail and corporate banking and insurance.

Dubai – The Tourist Attraction

Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic business hub the location of which between the Asian and European nations is a major factor for the success of the financial sector in this beautiful country. Tourism is another flourishing sector that contributes to the country’s economy in a big way. This warm and hospitable Emirati state receives millions of tourists annually from across the globe.
If you want to apply for NIB personal loans for salaried UAE Nationals in Dubai, understand that it is the least complicated process. To get things moving in the right direction, fill in the form on this page and wait for our representative to get in touch with you at the earliest instance.