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Key facts you should know about World Expo 2020

Dubai will be hosting the World Expo 2020, which is regarded as the third largest global event after the Olympics and the World Cup Soccer, from October 20, 2020 until April 10, 2021. As a general rule, this six-month event is held every five years. While the last World Expo was held in Shanghai, China in 2010, the next one is scheduled for 2015 and will be held in Milano (Milan) in Italy.

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UAE Personal loans

All of us want our life to be smooth-sailing, however, there may arise situations that call for emergency measures such as arranging a large amount of money at times of crisis. A personal loan is the ideal option that is offered by banks in UAE so as to help you sail through difficult times. Personal loan also comes in handy when you want to fulfill your long-awaited vacation or to make up for a deficit in your family wedding budget. MoneyGulf helps you in getting your application completed and processed so that sanction of the loan becomes a simple affair. Read more>

Credit Cards in UAE

With the personal requirements of an individual fast increasing, keeping pace with the evolution of the society, money is the most important commodity that is needed today. So long as you are single, money does not seem very important. But when you are married and plan a family or have grown-up children at the threshold of a grand adventure called life that they have to live on their own, money becomes a compelling necessity.

A credit card is most helpful when you want to purchase something even when you are not carrying cash with you. Millions of people enjoy a better standard of life today, thanks to the credit card facility offered by the financial institutions.

Though you are able to provide your family with everything they want even before you see your next pay day, it is very important to remember that credit card is a loan offered to you by a bank and it must be repaid in full and on time.

The greatest advantage of having a credit card, in addition to the reasonably long time-gap to repay the loan amount, is the facility of getting cashback, rewards, special benefits and airline miles on your purchases. When you apply for a credit card through MoneyGulf, the hassles of a long, time-drawn application procedure and delay in getting the credit card sanctioned are avoided, thus making your experience least complicated and smooth. Read More>

Mortgage in UAE

Your dream of having your own home in the UAE is realized when you get assistance from banks in funding the construction costs that may not be possible for you if you were to do it on your own as the amount involved is huge.

Purchasing property in the UAE is one of the most crucial financial decisions you make and for this to become a reality, you need a mortgage from a bank. UAE banks offer home loans to UAE nationals and expats who have a steady monthly income, a part of which can be paid back towards the loan availed.

The asset so purchased with the help of a home loan will, after a few years, have a value many times its original cost as the real estate industry in the UAE is undergoing fast expansion and there could be no better time than now to buy a house. Getting a mortgage to fund your house construction or renovation has become very simple now when you seek the assistance of MoneyGulf .

We undertake the responsibility of helping you go through the otherwise strenuous task of form-filling and providing the necessary documents for the bank’s scrutiny and early approval. We value your time, so we move things quickly and efficiently as we have good experience in handling such proposals. Read more>

Life insurance in UAE

A basic estate plan, regardless of your individual net worth, is a must-have in life. This basic plan makes sure that your financial objectives are met long after you cease to exist thereby making your family’s future secure. Life insurance is one of the assets that make up the estate plan, the others being your investments, savings, real estate properties etc.

Life insurance provides a tax-free benefit much greater than the premiums paid. The basic concept of insurance is the transfer of risk from an individual to a large group so that all the individuals in the group share the losses with each of them having a guarantee of benefit in the future. So it is very important to buy life insurance/get your life insured when you are young and strong so that it takes care of your future as well as that of your family in the event of a calamity.

MoneyGulf takes care of all your requirements such as the policy amount and the tenor depending on your capacity to pay the required premium. We lend you a helping hand in the whole process of applying for a life insurance policy and facilitate in speedy processing and handing over of the policy. Read more>