Bank AlJazira Credit Card - BAJ Platinum

Minimum Salary needed 5000 S.R.
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate Monthly Tawaroq Profit Margin 2.20%; Annual Tawaroq Profit Margin 26.40%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Annual Fee 300 SAR
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Sharia Compliant: this card is designed, as all Bank AlJazira products, in full compliance with sharia regulations and the world acceptance payment systems; 1% Cashback: with every purchase you make with your card , you will be entitled to 1% cashback, so the more you use your card the more you benefit from your purchases; Visa Lounge Access: present your Visa Platinum credit card and get complimentary access to 25 airport lounges globally; This card, as all Bank AlJazira credit cards, is chip enabled; Flexible payment: you can choose your payment preference. Minimum payment 5% of the total amount due or 200 S.R (whichever is higher) or full payment.; Emergency Cash: if you are traveling outside your country of residence and your card is lost or stolen, this service enables you to get emergency cash within a few hours for your peace of mind; Emergency Card: your lost card will be replaced within 48 hours while traveling anywhere around the world; Free supplementary Cards: share the wonderful benefits of your card with your family members, who are over 18 of age, there is no limit to the number of supplementary cards; You can withdraw up to 50% of the limit from all ATMs around the world; Medical & Legal Referral: free medical services includes medical phone advise, referral to local medical services provider and the monitoring of a medical condition in and after hospitalization. Legal referral includes referral to lawyers and legal assistance in case of emergency need while traveling.

Bank AlJazira-Jeddah

Bank AlJazira (BAJ) is a Joint Stock Company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with Royal Decree issued in 1975. BAJ embarked on its business in 1976, taking over the branches of The National Bank of Pakistan's in Arabia
BAJ is recognized as one of the main Shariah-compliant and fast growing financial institutions in Saudi Arabia. The bank is also client-driven and service-oriented in offering individuals, businesses and institutions with innovative and customized financial solutions.
Through the years, the bank has grown to achieve milestone growth with the doubling of its branches from 24 branches to 48 down in the year 2009.


Jeddah is a vital cosmopolitan in the coastal region of the Red Sea. It is the main city west of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah Province, the principal sea port on the Red Sea, and the second largest city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Presently, Jeddah has a population of 5.1 million inhabitants. The city is a preferred   commercial center in Saudi Arabia in a similar context with Riyadh and Dammam, that is, in terms of function, economy and regional significance.
Jeddah’s economy focuses on harnessing and refining capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership throughout Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.

Credit Card - BAJ Platinum

With our platinum card, you stand to enjoy and benefit from all the exclusive privileges that we have tailored to accompany prestige banking without regard to whether you are transacting in or out of Arabia.

Salient privileges and features:

  •     Shariah-compliant;
  •     Enjoy 1% cash-back  with every purchase you make with your card ;
  •     Free airport lounge access across the globe;
  •     The card is chip enabled;
  •     Flexible payment options;
  •     Get emergency cash on the go;
  •     Get an emergency card while awaiting the replacement of your lost card;
  •     You can withdraw up to 50% of your card limit;
  •     Get instant SMS notifications ;
  •     Enjoy the best offers and instant discounts in Saudi Arabia and around the world;
  •     Medical and Legal Referral; and
  •     Enjoy 24-Hour Customer Service