Credit Cards in Jeddah

Modern trends in credit cards in Jeddah

Credit cards in Jeddah are “pocket pets” in the wallets of most of its banks’ customers. This surging banking trend is traceable to the economic prosperity that is elevating the quality of life in Jeddah.

How credit cards in Jeddah work

Every card- issuing bank tracks its customers’ monthly expenses incurred using their credit cards. This enables the bank to bill card holders at every month’s end.

Eligibility for credit cards in Jeddah

These are the requirements that should be met by all applicants who desire to acquire credit cards in Jeddah:

A valid National ID card for local applicants;
A valid resident visa for foreigners;
Applicants’ latest bank statement;
Applicants’ salary certificate;
A clean credit record ; and
Latest utility bills bearing the applicants’ name.

Platinum credit cards in Jeddah

Most banks in Jeddah issue Platinum credit cards. They come awash with all kinds of tantalizing benefits that capture anyone who given over to prestigious benefits.

Fees charged on all credit cards in Jeddah

All credit cards in Jeddah attract fees when:
Withdrawing of cash;
Transacting beyond the card limits; and
Bill settlements are delayed.

The five commandments of effective management of credits cards in Jeddah

Thou shalt not transact beyond your card limit;
Thou shalt not forget to track all your credit credit card transactions; 
Thou shalt not delay or default to pay your credit card bills;
Thou shalt not neglect or ignore the SMS and email alerts that are meant to update you on your credit card transactions;
Thou shalt not disclose your card’s PIN to any one you don’t trust.

Balance transfer

Most banks issuing credit cards in Jeddah offer this credit card facility. Balance transfer helps a card holder to balance their credit cards if they find themselves entangled in unmanageable card debts.

Airline credit cards in Jeddah

Airline credit cards are instruments designed to bring convenience to the card holder’s travelling anywhere across the globe. These cards offer prestigious privileges such as:
Accumulation of points that are redeemable for Air miles any moment the card is used to reserve hotels or buy air tickets.