Personal Loans in Jeddah

Understanding personal loans in Jeddah

A personal loan or unsecured personal loan is a financing instrument issued by banks and other financial institutions to allowing people to borrow in order to enable them fund urgent financial needs.
Some of these urgent needs can be attributed to people’s personal financial aspirations, unpredictable circumstances such as diseases and other health challenges, and other issues in life that outweigh and exceed one’s present financial abilities.

Personal loans in Jeddah

In our times, personal loans in Jeddah is amore simplified and quicker process than it used to be in the gone days of our father. This is due to the surging borrowing appetite and availability of credit.
Personal loans in Jeddah are accessible to every qualified applicant. However, repayment duration varies across the banks but most of them have 48 months as their ceiling.

Eligibility and qualifications for personal loans in Jeddah

Every one seeking personal finance in Jeddah ought to qualify so as to access personal finance:
Every applicant who has a clean credit history;
Every applicant who has ability to repay the loan. This is applicable to both employees and self-employed;
Every applicant from every nation;
Every government employee or that of companies approved by the bank can apply for personal loans in Jeddah;
Every employed applicant must have been in their present employment for at least for the last 6 months; and
Every employed applicant requires an employment contract that will outlast their loan servicing tenure.

Basic requirements for Personal loans in Jeddah

For one to qualify for personal loans in Jeddah, they have to fulfill these simple requirements:
Produce proof of identity: a national ID card is required for locals while a valid resident visa is compulsory for foreigners; and
Produce proof of income: applicable to both the salaried and unsalaried.