Saudi Hollandi Bank House Loan - Expatriate

Minimum Salary needed S.R. 10,000
Maximum amount available 5 million Riyals
Length of Loan 30 years
Profit Rate Annual Profit Rate (APR) starts from 3.53%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Minimum Employment Period 12 months; Age 25 to 60
Main Features Shari'ah compliant finance; Defer the first 6 payments for Murabaha; Joint finance option with one of your family members; Get your finance in 5 days; Exemption from remaining payments in case of complete inability or death; Free Insurance against fires and natural disasters; You can lease your property during financing period; Finance to build or to complete construction; Fixed rate finance (Murabaha) for Lands/Apartments/Ready or under construction villas/Residential buildings; Variable rate finance (Ijara) for Ready Villas

Saudi Holland Bank

Saudi Holland Bank is the oldest bank in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The bank was established in the year 1926.In those initial times the bank traded as The Netherlands Trading Society and it operated out of one office in Jeddah.
In its initial days, Saudi Holland Bank was only bank in Saudi Arabia. It thus served as the central bank of the Kingdom keeping its gold reserves and receiving oil revenues for the government.
By the end of 2012, the bank boasted of a paid-up capital of more than SAR 3.9 billion. The Bank employs 1,504 people out of whom over 88.43% are Saudis. It has 45 branches, 15 Ladies Sections, 30 Preferred Banking Centers and 265 ATMs conveying banking services throughout Arabia.


Jeddah is a modern cosmopolitan in the coastal region of the Red Sea. Moreover, it is the main urban center in western Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah Province, the largest sea port on the Red Sea, and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia behind Riyadh, Saudi’s capital city.
The city has a steadily growing population of 5.1 million people and it is an important commercial powerhouse in Saudi Arabia, in the same breadth with Riyadh and Dammam.
When it comes to matters economy, Jeddah is known to develop and nurture capital investment in scientific and engineering excellence both in Saudi Arabia, and beyond.

House Loan-Expatriate

This house loan is one of our many customized financing products and it is designed to help you achieve your home dream with peace of mind.

Salient benefits and features:

  •     You can defer the first 6 payments for Murabaha;
  •     Very competitive profit rates;
  •     Quick processing within  5 days;
  •     Finance of up to 5 million Riyals;
  •     A waiver of remaining payments in case of permanent inability or death;
  •     Free Insurance against fires and natural disasters;
  •     You may lease your property during financing period; and
  •     Finance to build or to complete construction.

Requirements and eligibility:

  •     A completed application form;
  •     Proof of identity;
  •     Minimum monthly salary of SAR 10,000;
  •     Employment letter;
  •     Salary transfer form;
  •     A medical certificate;
  •     A copy of the title deed;
  •     Price quotation; and
  •     A copy of the Building Permission.