Credit Cards in Kuwait

Modern trends in credit cards in Kuwait

Credit cards in Kuwait are now essential life companions for many account holders in Kuwait. These cards are now versatile tools of facilitating every kind of financial transaction enhancing people’s daily lives.
How credit cards in Kuwait work
Every card- issuing bank tracks its customers’ monthly expenditures incurred using their credit cards. This enables the bank to bill card holders every month end.

Eligibility for credit cards in Kuwait

These are the requirements that have to be fulfilled by all credit card applicants who desire to get credit cards in Kuwait city:
A valid National ID card for local applicants;
A valid resident visa for aliens;
Applicant’s latest bank statement;
Applicant’s salary certificate;
A clean credit track record ; and
Most recent utility bills bearing the applicant’s name.

Platinum credit cards in Kuwait

Most banks in Kuwait issue these top-notch credit cards. They come scented with and marinated in all manner of enticing VIP privileges and niceties of the “high life”.

Fees charged on all credit cards in Kuwait

All credit cards in Kuwait attract charges when:
Withdrawing cash;
Transacting beyond the card limit; and
Bill payment is delayed.

The five sures of effective management of credits cards in Kuwait

Make sure you transact only within your card limit;
Make sure you remember to track all your credit card transactions; 
Make sure you pay your credit card bills on time;
Make sure you read and act on the SMS and email alerts that are intended to update you on your credit card transactions;
Make sure you keep your card’s PIN secret.

Balance transfer

Most banks issuing credit cards in Kuwait offer this credit card provision. Balance transfer gives a card holder the opportunity to balance their credit card in the event that they get caught up in strangulating credit card debts.

Airline credit cards in Kuwait

Airline credit cards are travel companions designated to bring convenience to the card holder’s travel anywhere across the world. These cards come in timely as facilitative tools that enrich travelling and shopping experiences for card holders.