National Bank of Kuwait  House Loan - International Mortgages in Kuwait

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available GBP 2.5 million for London; USD 1.5 million for Lebanon; EGP 4 million for Egypt; AED 8 million for UAE; JOD 250,000 for Jordan
Length of Loan 15 years for London, France, Egypt, UAE & 20 years for Lebanon and Jordan
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Salary certificate/proof of income (for self-employed customers); Identification (Passport and Identity Card)
Main Features Mortgage loan available in London, France, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, or Jordan

National Bank of Kuwait

The foundation of the National Bank of Kuwait was set in the year  1952.The need for a National Bank was conceived  when a prominent Kuwaiti businessman went to the British Bank of the Middle East to open a Letter of Guarantee for the amount of 10,000 Indian Rupees.
But to his surprise and that of many, his request was turned down because he lacked a guarantor. This shocking incident birthed the question and the idea of having a national bank with a primary focus to serve national needs as its priority, help the economic growth of the country, and look after the savings of its clients.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the political, cultural and economic seat of Kuwait. It is also the principal city in Kuwait. Its trade and transportation needs are served by a modern land, sea and air transport system that comprises sea ports, an International Airport and ultra modern super highways.
Currently, Kuwait city has a population of about 700,000 inhabitants with its metropolitan area boasting of some 4.1 million dwellers.
The city has a protracted history that dates back to the year 1613. Those days, it was a simple fishing village. Come the 18th century, it had flourished into a premier trading center linking the Persian Gulf linking India, Muscat, Baghdad and Arabia.

House Loan - International Mortgages

With NBK home loans, you have the choice to own property not just in Kuwait but also abroad, in the country and city of your liking.
You can choose ownership in any of these international locations: London, France, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, or Jordan. Your job is to dream and choose, while ours is to finance your chosen dream into reality.

Features and benefits:

  •     Competitive interest rates;
  •     Huge and sufficient financing amounts e.g.: $ 1.5 million in Lebanon; GBP 2.5 million  in London; EGP 4 million in Egypt; AED 8 million in UAE and JOD 250,000 in Jordan; and
  •     Long repayment period of between 15-20 years.

Required documents:


  •     Salary certificate;
  •     Proof of income  for self-employed applicants; and
  •     Proof of Identification.