Bahrain Islamic Bank B.S.C. Credit Card - Classic MasterCard in Manama

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available BD 5,000
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Age of Applicant: 21 years of age at the time of application; Minimum Work Experience: 4 Months; Maximum DSR (Debt Service Ratio): The total debts of the customer including all existing installments, new installment and 5% of the credit card and over draft limits, should not exceed 50% of the monthly income for individuals with salaries of BD3,000 per month or less, exceed 60% of the monthly income for individuals with salaries above BD3,000 per month; •Residence Permit (non Bahraini individuals)
Main Features •Extra Salary BD500 every month for a year; •Tickets to Big International Football matches; •Travel miles totaling 2,000,000; •Entries to monthly draws on exciting prizes for every BD50 you spent on the card; •Free unlimited supplementary cards; •No Annual Subscription Fees on the main and supplementary cards•Minimum amount to be paid by the customer is 5% of the outstanding balance subject to a minimum of BD10/-.; •Cash withdrawal transactions up to 50% of the credit limit.

Bahrain Islamic Bank B.S.C.

The Bahrain Islamic Bank has been focusing on all aspects of Islamic banking through its retail and corporate channels of banking. In fact the bank’s vision is to become the country’s preferred Islamic Financial Partner. The bank aims to grow alongside the country and thus become an integral part of the economy and the community. The bank’s mission is to deliver value added services that exceed the expectations of the customers. The bank also aims at maximising the assets of its shareholders, honour its social commitments to the community and build a loyal customer base while maximising employee retention.


The Kingdom of Bahrain, particularly Manama has an acute scarcity of land suitable for construction. However, not willing to be held back by this major drawback, the country has been constantly reclaiming land to meet its growing needs in construction. The country also saw a record number of financial institutions, most of them in Manama. Although the country was facing religious and economic turmoil, the economic growth continued without a break. Gradually, the political and religious unrest was overcome and an elected parliament came into force. Like all countries the world over, chaos and political turmoil gave birth to the modern city of Manama.

Credit Card - Classic MasterCard

The classic MasterCard from the Bahrain Islamic bank is Sharia’a compliant and offers a maximum credit of 5,000 BD. The card holder is entitled to 2,000,000 travel miles, free tickets to big international football matches and an extra salary of 500 BD for a year. Unlimited free add on cards and zero annual fees are additional features of the card. The cardholder can withdraw up to 50% of the available credit limit as cash in case of any emergency.  An applicant needs to be at least 21 years to apply for a Classic MasterCard from the Bahrain Islamic Bank.