Credit Cards in Manama

Modern trends in credit cards in Manama

Credit cards in Manama are fast becoming a necessary life companion for many account holders. This trend can be traced to the dynamic upgrade in life style trends in Manama.

How credit cards in Manama work

The issuing banks track the holder’s monthly purchases made using their credit card so as to bill them at the end of that given month.

Eligibility for credit cards in Manama

These are the basic requirements to be met in order for applicants to be issued with credit cards in Manama:

A valid National ID card;
Most recent bank statement;
A salary certificate;
A good credit standing ; and
Most recent utility bill in the applicant’s name.

Platinum credit cards in Manama

Most banks in Manama issue Platinum credit cards. They come overflowing with VIP privileges for those who love the fine things of this life that include:
Exclusive concessions at health clubs; and
Entertainment and dining concessions.

Fees charged on all credit cards in Manama

These charges are imposed on all cards in Manama:
Enrollment fees;
Cash withdrawal fees;
Over-limit fees; and
Delayed payment penalties.

Effective management of credits cards in Manama

Understand and transact within your card limit;
Keep track of your credit card transactions; 
Always pay your card bill promptly and in full ;
Make good use the SMS and email alerts to remain updated with your card transactions;
Don’t disclose your credit card PIN.

Balance transfer

Most of the banks issuing credit cards in Manama offer this service. Balance transfer is a timely relief when one’s credit card debt has spiraled beyond control.

Airline credit cards in Manama

Airline cards are designed to enhance the travelling experiences of card holders either locally or globally. These cards offer these privileges:
When you use your credit card to purchase air ticket or book hotel accommodation, you receive air miles; and
You may redeem the points to buy air tickets or book hotels;