Ahli United Bank B.S.C Personal Loan in Manama

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available BD 10,000
Length of Loan 7 Years
Profit Rate 6.50% p.a.
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Your CPR card and any other ID; Your most recent pay slip and a letter from your employer confirming service and salary amount, with agreement to transfer your salary to Ahli United Bank
Main Features A free Rahal express card and a free MasterCard when you arrange a PLAN loan, and if you find you need extra cash you can skip and installment every six months, or request an increase in the loan every six months

Ahli United Bank B.S.C Manama

Ahli bank is one of the best performing banks in the island of Bahrain. Having been born 14 years ago, Ahli has been able to make illustrious strides of progress and advancement that very few other banks have made within such a short span of time.
The bank is licensed to operate as a commercial bank by the Central Bank of Bahrain and it is also compliant with Shariah law In 2012, it was feted as the:

  •     Best bank in the Middle East and Bahrain;
  •     Bank of the year years  in a row;
  •     Best private bank in Bahrain; and
  •     Best Forex Provider in the Middle East.


Manama is the capital and principal city of Bahrain. It has an estimated population of 157,000 people. Being an important commercial center in the Persian Gulf,
Manama is home to a very mixed population.
After periods of Portuguese and Persian domination and invasions from the ruling classes of Saudi Arabia and Oman,
Bahrain achieved  its independence as a nation during the 19th century .
Manama finally became the commercial capital and the gateway to the main Bahrain Island. During the 20th century, Bahrain's oil wealth spurred fast growth and in the 1990s a concerted diversification effort led to expansion in other industries and helped to transform Manama into a vital financial hub in the Middle East.

Personal loan

The Ahli bank believes in the validity and potency of your personal dreams, plans and goals. That is why we have customized a wide-spectrum personal loan solution to finance your varied personal plans and goals.

Handsome features and simple requirements:

  •     Your CPR card and any other ID;
  •     You can defer repayments;
  •     Top-up facilities;
  •     Your most recent pay slip and a letter from your employer confirming your service and salary scale;
  •      Salary transfer letter addressed to Ahli United Bank;
  •     Bank statements for the last three months  if you are currently with another bank; and
  •      For foreign workers, your passport indicating your resident permit, and a copy of your contract of employment.