Ahli Bank SAOG Credit Card

Minimum Salary needed Omanis Government and Quasi Government Employees RO 320 p.m & Private Sector Employees RO 500 p.m.; Expatriates: RO 1,000
Maximum amount available Classic Card – RO 500 – RO 2,000; Gold Card – RO 2000 – RO 10,000; latinum Card – RO 5,000 – RO 20,000
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility 21 Years; Max Age (On maturity or retirement age) Omanis: 60 years & Expatriates: 59 years; Minimum Service for Omanis Government and Quasi Government – 3 months & Private Sector – 6 months; Expatriates: Resident in Oman for a minimum of 2 years and with current employer for a minimum of 1 year
Main Features Low administration fees and attractive interest rates mean that your monthly commitments can suit your budget.

Ahli Bank

The Ahli Bank is one of the few game-changing players in Oman’s banking system. It is a key institution that is committed to make valid contribution to the dynamic banking industry in the Omani sultanate.
With a long standing reputation that arises from dedicated employees and tailor-made solutions, the bank is a strong force to reckon with in matters regarding Omani’s banking industry.
The bank is determined to set higher standards of uniqueness and efficiency in service delivery so as to set better benchmarks in the industry. It is due to this mind that the bank does stuff differently.


The Arab world is endowed with a small number of ancient cities that have managed to weather through the test of time and technological advancements and still keep their economic significance in a technologically dynamic world. Muscat is one of those cities. It is Oman’s capital city and seat of power.

As at April 2014, Muscat had a fast growing cosmopolitan population of more than 1.2 million inhabitants. At the moment, the city is riding a surging wave of economic upgrade and an auspicious trend in industrial modernization that is transforming every one of its economic pillars that include trade, porting services and oil.

Credit Card

The card comes in 3 options: Classic Card; Gold Card and Platinum Card

Key features and benefits:

  •     A global traveling insurance cover;
  •     Earn points with every purchase you make using the card and redeem them for air miles;
  •     Card limit: Classic Card – OMR 500 – OMR 2,000; Gold Card – OMR 2000 – OMR 10,000 and Platinum Card – OMR 5,000 – OMR 20,000

Eligibility and requirements:

  •     Minimum applicant age of 21 years;
  •     Maximum age on retirement or maturity age is 60 years for Omanis and 55 years for expatriates;
  •     Minimum  monthly salary: for Omanis  employed by government, semi-government  institutions it is OMR 320 and those in the private sector it is OMR 500;for aliens it is OMR 1,000;
  •     Minimum service duration: for government and parastatal employees is 3 months; private sector 6 months and expatriates residing in Oman for a minimum of 2 years and with the current
        employer for a minimum of 1 year.