Bank Sohar SAOG Credit Card - Platinum

Minimum Salary needed OMR1500/-
Maximum amount available 3 Salaries or up to OMR10,000/-whichever is lower
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Introductory rate for the first 12 months of membership, followed by 18% p.a. from month 13 onwards
Upfront Fees ( if any ) No
Eligibility Salaried customers (salary assignment): Minimum 3 months in current employment or confirmed job. Employment may be in Government, quasi government or in approved list of companies of the bank; Collateral customer (cards against blocked funds) Deposits required 120% of credit limit requested; Minimum 18 years of age and maximum 60 years for men and 55 yrs for female customers
Main Features Travel Insurance; Credit Shield; Purchase Protection; Zero Lost card liability; Free membership for the first year; Priority Pass Membership card - provides the cardholder access to over 600 airport VIP lounges world-wideUnlimited free access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide for platinum cardholders. Guests visits will be charged to the cardholder credit card account at RO 10.4/- per visit (or less subject to Priority Collection terms and conditions).

Bank Sohar

If you take a walk through Oman’s banking land scape, you will clearly notice that the dominant players are a few and accomplished banking institutions. The largest of these banks it Bank Sohar. The bank boasts of a massive market capitalization and a stable asset base above $ 3.5 billion.
Bank Sohar is also a multi-purpose “shopping complex” tailored to meet your different financial requirements. It has a diversified clientele that incorporates personal and institutional clients. Moreover, the Bank Sohar has good taste for excellent services and products. This is the core reason behind its consistent pursuit of embracing and utilizing modern information technology and innovation in its operations.


We’ve got  a small number of  ancient urban civilizations in the Middle East that have survived  the all-important  test of time and technological revolution to remain a significant force  in this “digital” age. Muscat is one of these cities, and it serves as Oman’s seat of government and chief commercial hub.
With a population that has surpassed 1.2 million, Muscat is on an ascending pathway of renaissance that is slowly leading it to higher dimensions of commercial suitability in the larger Middle East.
Meanwhile, there is an economic upgrade and a positive trend of industrial modernization that spreads across major industries, which include porting and oil.

Credit Card - Platinum

This card symbolizes the flair of exclusive prestige and privileges that go with modern, convenient banking. Whether you are enjoying shopping abroad or at home; or you are travelling the world, all these privileges are yours to enjoy.

Core features and benefits include:


  •     A minimum salary requirements of OMR 1,500;
  •     Free membership during the first year;
  •     A 12% annual interest rate for the first year of membership;
  •     A comprehensive insurance cover that includes: travel insurance; credit shield; purchase protection; and zero liability for lost cards; and
  •      The priority pass membership offers you access to over 600 air port VIP lounges world-wide;