BankDhofar SAOG Credit Card - Al Noor

Minimum Salary needed OMR 200
Maximum amount available Maximum limit – 5 times the salary
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) OMR 40 for primary card and OMR20 for supplimentary
Eligibility Salary transfer to BankDhofar account or Cash margin
Main Features Repayment in 12 equal installments; Free travel insurance – up to USD 100,000; Compensation in case of delayed travel (over 12 hours) – up to USD 2,000 or lost luggage – up to USD 5,000

BankDhofar SAOG Muscat  

This is Oman’s second largest banking giant by market capitalization. It was founded in January 1990, starting operations with 2 branches. Since then, it has had a robust, fast and spiraling growth and at the moment it has over 65 branches and over 139 ATMs scattered throughout the Sultanate.
BankDhofar SAOG Muscat is in tandem with modern banking trends that include online, mobile and electronic platforms. It has a commitment of service to both retail and corporate customers. It also finances all kinds of business enterprises ranging from big business ventures to SMEs as well. Besides, all its operations are in line with Shariah requirements and standards.


Muscat is the capital city of Oman. It is also its largest city and it is Oman’s official seat of power and government. It is a fast growing city with a booming economic growth and a population that has hit over 1.2 million inhabitants.
It is an ancient city that has been a commercial and political powerhouse in the Middle East for thousands of years. It is a commercial port linking the East and West trade ways and its recent modernization and growth have transformed it into a metropolitan hub. Its main economic life line is trade, porting and the Arab man’s “liquid gold” or oil.

Credit Card - Al Noor

Since BankDhofar believes in convenience, we have all types of credit cards tailored to meet your financial transactions conveniently. One such card is the Al Noor credit card.


  •     It is safe and embedded with a micro chip;
  •     Accepted  for shopping and cash withdrawals both locally and globally;
  •     You can use it to transact with your phone and on the internet; and
  •     Enjoy a 24-hour customer care support;


  •     Offered against a cash deposit or salary transfer; 
  •     If employed, the applicant’s employer needs to fall within the bank’s approved Lists 1 and 2; and 
  •     If the applicant does not meet condition 2 above, they shall provide a third party guarantee or place a fixed deposit against 90% of the card limit.