Oman Arab Bank SAOC Credit Card - Infinite

Minimum Salary needed By invitation only
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility By invitation only
Main Features Insurance is going to cover all the customers’ obligations in case of death; The client gets free insurance if you buy tickets through the card; Replacement Card & Urgent Cash up to $5000 and payment authorization is guaranteed within 24 hours for stolen or lost card ; Comprehensive multi-trip travel insurance for the first 90 days of any trip for the card holder and his/her family; Medical services include telephone advice, referral to a local specialist and monitoring during and after hospitalisation

Oman Arab Bank

The Oman Arab Bank is ranked as one of the leading and best performing banks in Oman. Three decades ago, the OAB took control of the branches of the Arab Bank. This move gave rise to a new local banking institution.
In matters of profitability, the OAB has been ranked as a top player in the banking sector. A good example is the last 25 years when the OAB has maintained a steady annual average of 20% return on its equity.
As the OAB pursues its vision, it is set to offer a variety of banking products and services in personal and corporate banking, besides offering   project financing.    


Muscat holds a position of being a lucky city that is rated among a small number of  ancient urban civilizations in the Middle East that have contributed to the shaping of the region’s commercial and political landscape. When it comes to size and significance, it is the largest city in the Omani sultanate and also its principal trade and political fortress.  Over the past few years, Muscat has been going through a transformational increase marked by economic expansion and a surging population reaching 1.2 million.
Muscat’s ancient history is blended with outstanding achievements in commerce. In the recent years, modernization and industrialization have become a dual carriage that is leading it to status of being a preferred investment hub.

Credit Card - Infinite

This is an exclusive card that is loaded with infinite prestige and privileges. It offers you VIP privileges wherever you go, whatever time.

Main features and benefits:

  •     Global recognition;
  •     Concierge Service available 24/7;
  •     Exclusive Oman Arab Bank  infinite Privileges;
  •     A  24-hour Global Customer Assistance;
  •      An extended warranty and purchase protection;
  •      Medical and legal referral ;and
  •      A full multi-trip travel insurance cover.

Eligibility and requirements:

  •     It is strictly by invitation;
  •     One color passport photo;
  •     Copy of a valid ID card;
  •     Copy of a valid passport with resident visa for foreign workers;