Oman Arab Bank SAOC Credit Card - Internet Shopping Card 

Minimum Salary needed Salary RO 250 and above
Maximum amount available Enjoy security while shopping through the internet. Credit limit up to Rials 1,000 (Can be increased up to RO 10,000)
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Employees of the age 18 years and above; Government Sector Employees; Private Sector Employees (company should be listed in the approved list of companies with OMAN ARAB BANK );
Main Features Pay as little as 5% of your outstanding monthly balance; Enjoy a grace period of up to 30 days

Oman Arab Bank

The Oman Arab Bank has a place among the most vibrant and top performing banking institutions in the Omani sultanate. Three decades ago, OAB acquired the branches of the Arab Bank and this move gave birth to a new local banking powerhouse.
When it comes to profitability, the OAB has been among the most profitable players in Oman’s banking sector. A good example is where in the last 25 years OAB has been able to maintain a constant annual average of 20% return on equity.
As part of its plan to realize its vision, the bank is dedicated to deliver a wide variety of banking products and services embracing its personal and institutional clientele.   


Muscat is one of a few privileged cities that are ranked among ancient civilizations in the Middle East with a contribution to the shaping of   the region’s commercial and political life. When it comes to size and significance, it is the largest metropolis in Oman and its central trade and political base as well.  In the past few years, Muscat has been experiencing a renaissance of its past glory with economic prosperity and a cosmopolitan population growth taking center stage.
The city’s ancient history is characterized by outstanding feats in trade. Its recent modernization and industrialization are twin factors in transforming it into a preferred investor den.

Credit Card - Internet Shopping Card

This is a unique solution tailored to give convenient and secure on line shopping experience.

Features and benefits:

  •     Total security;
  •     Absolute convenience;
  •     SMS alerts;
  •     Grace period of up to 30 days;
  •     Credit limit of up to OMR 1,000 and can be increased to OMR 10,000;and
  •     Pay as little as 5% of the outstanding monthly balance.

Eligibility and requirements:

  •     Employees over age 18;
  •     Government worker or that of an organization endorsed by the bank;
  •     Salary amount of OMR 250;
  •     One color passport photograph;
  •     Copy of a valid ID card for locals;
  •     Copy of a valid passport with resident visa for foreigners; and
  •     Salary transfer letter addressed to the OAB.