Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card - Visa Classic 

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available High credit limit up to 3 multiples of salary
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate 18% for salaried & 20% for non-salaried
Upfront Fees ( if any ) OMR 20
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Free e-statements and Online Banking; Purchase protection, free travel insurance and travel inconvenience benefits; Free exclusive movie shows; 0% finance options from leading retailers only with your Standard Chartered Visa Credit Card; Instabuys Purchase Plan - where you get the freedom to make high value purchases and pay in easy installments; lexible repayment - from just 5% of your monthly outstanding balance; 24-hour global cash access;

Standard Chartered Bank Muscat

When the name Stan Chart Bank is invoked, it evokes an aura of prestige and excellent global banking, both in Oman but all over the world. Stan Chart Bank is a global household and brand name in matters banking.
With an established and accomplished legacy, Stan Chart Bank Muscat is one of the localized global giants that rule Oman’s banking world.

The bank’s scope of activity in Oman covers:    Personal banking;

  •     Priority   banking;
  •     SME banking; and
  •     Corporate and Institutional banking.

Each one of these segments is infused with innovative banking solutions that are tailored to suite and meet the needs of every client.


Whosoever takes a ride through the Middle East’s historical skyline does notice that it is sparsely populated with ancient cities that have made it to defy the billows of change and technological transformation and cling to their economic significance in a rapidly transforming generation. Muscat, Oman’s capital city is one such cosmopolitan.
By April last year, Muscat was inhabited with a fast growing cosmopolitan population of over 1.2 million people. Beginning at its recent past until now, Muscat is still riding a cloud of economic prosperity and industrial advancement. This in turn is leading to multi-implicational impact in all its primary industries and especially trade, porting and oil.

Visa Classic Credit Card

This card is a classic embodiment of standard Chartered Bank’s commitment to maintain its legacy and tradition of prestige and convenience, all of it fitting in your pocket.

Exclusive privileges and features:


  •     The most convenient way to pay for goods and services;
  •     High credit limit up to 3 times your salary;
  •     24-hour global cash access;
  •     Totally secure;
  •     Flexible repayment  options available - from just 5% of your monthly outstanding balance;
  •     Instabuys Purchase Plan – have   the freedom to make high value purchases and pay in flexible installments;
  •     Globally recognized ;
  •     Global acceptance;
  •     Get purchase protection, free travel insurance and travel inconvenience compensation; and
  •     Free e-statements and Online Banking services.