Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card - Visa Platinum 

Minimum Salary needed Not mentioned
Maximum amount available Not mentioned
Length of Loan Life Time
Profit Rate 18% for salaried & 20% for non-salaried
Upfront Fees ( if any ) OMR 60
Eligibility Not mentioned
Main Features Get rewarded with Travel Points; Fly Free around the world for free; Free Access to the VIP Lounges; Enjoy Exclusive shopping discount; Free travel insurance

Standard Chartered Bank Muscat

When the name Stan Chart Bank is mentioned, it evokes flair of prestige and renowned global banking, not just in Oman but also all over the world. Stan Chart is a prestigious household and brand name in the banking world.
Having an established and accomplished legacy, Stan Chart Bank Muscat is one of the indigenized global giants dominating Oman’s banking sector.

The scope of its banking activities in Oman covers:

  •     Personal banking;
  •     Priority   banking;
  •     SME banking; and
  •     Corporate and Institutional banking.

All of these segments are marked by innovative and tailor-made solutions that are relevant to all their individual clients.


He who takes a ride through the Middle East’s historical landscape notices that it has a small number of ancient cities have defied and outlived the waves of change and revolutions (especially technological ones) and yet clung to their economic significance in a rapidly transforming world. Muscat, Oman’s capital city is one of such cities.
By 2014, Muscat had a fast growing multi-ethnic population in the excess of 1.2 million. Starting from its recent past until now, the city has been riding a cloud of economic expansion and industrial modernization .This in turn has led to far-reaching transformations in its major industries and particularly commerce, harboring and petroleum.

Platinum Credit Card    

This is card is Stan Chart Bank’s signature of prestige and exclusive privileges imprinted upon your banking convenience. All these VIP privileges are yours whether you are shopping or travelling locally in the sultanate or you are touring any part of the world.

Core features and benefits:


  •     You get automatically rewarded with travel points every time you use your card to make purchases;
  •     Fly Free around the world when you redeem your reward points;
  •     Get free access to the VIP lounges;
  •     Enjoy Exclusive shopping discounts in prime shopping hubs across the world; and
  •     Get free travel insurance cover;