Credit Cards in Muscat

Modern trends in credit cards in Muscat

Credit cards in Muscat have become financial “plastic pets” in the wallets of most of the city’s dwellers. This billowing lifestyle trend can be traced to the economic transformation that is easing the quality of life in Muscat.
How credit cards in Muscat work
All card- issuing banks track the customer’s monthly expenses incurred using their credit cards. This enables the banks to bill card holders at every month end.

Eligibility for credit cards in Muscat

These are the mandatory requirements that must be met by every applicant who desires to acquire credit cards in Muscat:
A valid National ID card for native applicants;
A valid resident visa for foreign applicants;
Applicant’s latest bank statement;
Applicant’s salary certificate;
A clean credit record ; and
Latest utility bills bearing the name of the applicant.

Platinum credit cards in Muscat

Most banks operating in Muscat issue Platinum credit cards. They come awash with all kinds of prestigious benefits that resonate too well with anyone who loves “the softies of life”.

Fees charged on all credit cards in Muscat

All credit cards in Muscat incur charges when:

Withdrawing cash;
Transacting beyond the card limits; and
Payments are delayed.

Effective management of credits cards in Muscat

Never transact beyond your card limit;
Never forget to track all your credit card transactions; 
Never delay or default settling your credit card bills;
Never neglect or ignore the SMS and email alerts that are meant to update you on your credit card transactions;
Never disclose your card’s PIN to any one you don’t trust.

Balance transfer

A great many of the banks issuing credit cards in Muscat offer this credit card facility. Balance transfer helps a card holder to balance their credit cards if they find themselves entangled in ballooning debts.

Airline credit cards in Muscat

Airline credit cards are instruments designed to add prestige and convenience to the card holder’s travelling experience anywhere in the world. These cards offer prestigious privileges such as:
Accumulation of points that can be redeemed for Air miles whenever the card is used to book hotels or purchase air tickets.