Oman Arab Bank SAOC House Loan

Minimum Salary needed A minimum salary of RO 500/- for Omanis; A minimum salary of RO 750/- for non-Omanis
Maximum amount available The loan amount can reach up to 80% of the property value. However, the total amount of the loan depends on your salary. Please note that your monthly installment and debt burden ratio should not exceed 60% of your monthly salary
Length of Loan Up to 25 years is the maximum prepayment period. However, customer’s age should not exceed 65 years at the time of final installment
Profit Rate 6% p.a.
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Resident and non resident Omanis (Salaried and self employed); Other GCC citizens (salaried and self employed); Expatriates could be granted loans to purchase properties in integrated tourism and residential complexes (ITC’s), as per the laws of Oman. Payments will be made directly to the developers; ages of 18 – 60 who is employed in either the government sector or the private sector (the private sector company should be listed in the approved list of retail companies with Oman Arab Bank);
Main Features Life insurance is mandatory and will be arranged by the bank; Now you might be eligible for a free credit card (no annual membership fee); property insurance; Repayment holiday for up to 18 months for the duration of the construction period

Oman Arab Bank

The Oman Arab Bank is one of the leading and highly celebrated banks in the Omani sultanate. In 1984, it acquired the branches of the Arab Bank and this move marked the birth of another local bank.
In matters returns, the OAB has been among the highest performers in the banking sector. For instance, in the last 25 years it has had an annual average of 20% return on equity.
In line with its vision, the bank is committed to offer a wide range of banking products and services in retail and corporate banking. It also offers project financing and investment banking.


Muscat stands out as one of the few cities listed among the most iconic in the Arab world’s history. It is Oman’s biggest as well as its capital and principal metropolis. Over the past few years, Muscat has been undergoing a transformational growth that is punctuated by economic prosperity and a population that has surged to over 1.2 million dwellers as at 2014.
The city’s protracted history is marked by conspicuous exploits in international trade and politics. Moreover, it is an ancient trade port that joins the eastern and western trading hemispheres .Its recent trends in modernization and industrialization are key propelling forces towards its economic status as a commercial hub of choice.

Housing Loan  

This is a long-term housing solution tailored to suite and meet your housing dreams, irrespective of whether you are Omani or alien.

Benefits and Features:  

  •      Attractive interest rate;
  •     Repayment holiday of up to 18 months during the construction period;
  •     Repayment period of up to 25 years.

Requirements and Eligibility:


  •     Minimum salary of OMR 500 for Omanis and OMR 750 for aliens;
  •     Aliens are only financed to buy properties in integrated tourism and residential complexes. This is in line with the laws of Oman.
  •     In case of construction, a copy of construction contract is needed;
  •     A valid property evaluation report;
  •     A complete Al Dar loan application form;
  •     A copy of national ID card;
  •     A valid resident visa for non Omanis; and
  •     A valid salary transfer letter addressed to the bank;