Ahli Bank SAOG Personal Loan

Minimum Salary needed Omanis Government and Quasi Government Employees RO 300 p.m; For Expats, minimum salary is RO 500 p.m, if the Length of Service is between 24 – 48 Months; Private Sector Employees RO 500 p.m.; Expatriates: RO 3,000
Maximum amount available Omanis Government and Quasi Government Employees RO 150,000 & Private Sector Employees RO 100,000; Expatriates: RO 35,000
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility 21 Years; Max Age (On maturity or retirement age) Omanis: 60 years & Expatriates: 55 years
Main Features MyLoan from ahlibank is a hassle free experience

Ahli Bank

The Ahli Banks is one of the key players in Oman’s financial system. It is a pillar institution that is dedicated to add value to the fast changing banking landscape in the Omani sultanate.
With a long standing reputation that is born from a dedicated work force and unique products, the bank is a valid force to reckon with as far as Omani’s banking land scape is concerned.
The bank endeavors to set standards of uniqueness and efficiency so that it doesn’t have to look “out there” for better benchmarks but rather become those benchmarks. That is why the bank does things differently in order to satisfy its customers.


The Arab world is endowed with very few ancient cities that have managed to endure the important test of time and revolutions in technology in order to retain their economic status in these modern times. Muscat is one of those cities. It is Oman’s capital city and chief trading center.
Muscat has a human population of 1.2 million. The city is on an upward path of revival that is projecting it to new levels of economic suitability in the Middle East.
At present, the city is experiencing an economic facelift and a promising trend in industrial modernizing that is encompassing all its major economic back bones, that is, porting services and oil.

Personal Loan

This financial product is tailored for dreamers, those who dream wide and wild without limitations! This is what you get from our personal loans-the power to fulfill your dreams without drama.

Key features and benefits:

  •     Easier repayment options;
  •     Lower interests; and
  •     Flexible terms and requirements.


Eligibility and requirements:

  •     Minimum applicant age of 21 years;
  •     Maximum age on retirement or maturity age is 60 years for Omanis and 55 years for aliens;
  •     Maximum loan amounts for Omanis  employed by government and semi-government  institutions  is OMR 150,000; for those in the private sector it is OMR 100,000;
        for aliens it is OMR 35,000;
  •     Minimum  monthly salary: for Omanis  employed by government and semi-government  institutions it  is OMR 300 ; for those in the private sector it is OMR 500;for aliens it is OMR 3,000;