Bank AlJazira Home Finance

Minimum Salary needed Minimum salary for employee is 6,000 Saudi riyals; For joint Ijara, SR 5,000 Salary per month for Main applicant and SR 3,000 for joint applicant; Minimum average monthly income for the last six months starts from 20,000 riyals for self-employed applicants
Maximum amount available SR 5,000,000
Length of Loan Not mentioned
Profit Rate APR starting from 2.50%
Upfront Fees ( if any ) SR 3,000
Eligibility Saudi nationals; Good credit history; An employee or self-employed professional; Minimum age of 21 years for employee and 30 years for self employed; Maximum age 65 years at the end of the payment of installments; Job seniority no less than 3 months public sector (government) and six month for private sector staff; Job seniority not less than 2 years for self-employed professionals; Title deed is registered in Notary Public; Real-estate located within the city boundaries; ot older than 20 years at starting the finance and does not exceeds 40 years at Finance maturity; Vacant and ready to move in
Main Features 6 months deferral for the first repayment of the finance; Ability to obtain Joint Finance with first degree relatives to obtain higher finance amount; Finance to buy house or land is possible; Takaful (life insurance) in case of death or total disability (God forbid); Finance is also possible for self employed; Ability to transfer existing finance from other institutions