Riyad Bank   - Home Finance - Home Equity Incomplete Property

Minimum Salary needed SAR 5,000
Maximum amount available Up to SAR 5 Million finance
Length of Loan Up to 20 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility For Saudi nationals only; For government, semi-government, private companies and other banks; Salary transfer is a must (excluding other bank employees)
Main Features Shari’a compliant; Flexible payment plan; This gives you the ability to pay installments towards the construction progress of your property, internally and externally

Riyadh Bank

Riyadh Bank is one among the largest and most accomplished banking institutions in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Bank is a key financing giant in the oil, petrochemicals, as well as many key infrastructure projects in Arabia. All this is owed to the fact that the bank has huge reserves of expertise and assets accumulated throughout the years.
The bank offers its clientele an accessible and widespread network of more than 300 branches. It also has 75 dedicated ladies branches, 4 ladies sections in other branches and 19 self-service electronic branches.
Riyadh bank’s services are interwoven with the latest information technology in order to fully satisfy the unique banking needs of its clientele. It also boasts of a gigantic ATM network exceeding 2,500 terminals in Arabia.


Riyadh, also known as the Gardens in Arabic, is the capital and largest city in Arabia. Sharing the same trend with other pivotal cities in Arabia such as Jeddah and Dammam, Riyadh has a fast growing population of 5.7 million dwellers.
Because there is need for well co-ordinated administration, Riyadh is divided into 15 municipal districts that are governed by the Municipality of Riyadh, all of it under the leadership of the city’s mayor.
To touch on its current prominence and socio- economic leverage in the Middle East, Riyadh has gradually achieved this after the 1940’s.This turning point in fortune and status is linked to visionary and sound leadership.

Home Equity Incomplete Property

We at Riyadh bank believe in your home dreams and aspirations. That is why we honor your every choice for any property including incomplete ones. It is with this in mind that we offer you sufficient amounts to finance such properties to the finish.

Key features and benefits:

  •     It complies with Shariah;
  •     Get up  to SAR 5 Million financing;
  •     Get competitive profit rates; and
  •     Flexible repayment duration of up to 20 years.

Eligibility and requirements:

  •     It is accessible by Saudi Arabians only;
  •     Minimum monthly salary of SAR 5,000;
  •     All applicants should be on the pay roll of the government, semi-government, private companies and other banks; and
  •     Salary transfer is mandatory but employees from other banks are exempted.