Saudi Investment Bank Personal Loan - Arzaq Murabaha


Minimum Salary needed SAR 3,500 per month
Maximum amount available SAR 1,000,000
Length of Loan 5 Years
Profit Rate Not mentioned
Upfront Fees ( if any ) Not mentioned
Eligibility Applicant must have a salary account with SAIB (Salary should be transferred); Work for an employer included in the Bank’s pre-approved list; Have a minimum length of service period with your current employer of at least 3 months; Be at least 18 years of age; Maximum age of 60 for males and 58 for females (at maturity of the facility). For armed forces personnel, maximum age would depend on rank / position held
Main Features Sponsor/Guarantor not required; Access to re-financing facilities; Debt relief in case of death (God forbid);

Saudi Investment Bank-Riyadh

The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) is a Saudi Arabian joint stock company established by Royal Decree in 1976 and opened its doors to the public in 1977.
The shareholders of SAIB, a publicly listed company, include J. P. Morgan Chase, Mizuho Corporate Bank - formerly, The Industrial Bank of Japan, Saudi Public and private institutions as well as individual Saudis.
SAIB offers customized and Shariah-compliant wholesale, retail and commercial banking products and services. In particular, the bank arranges financing of quasi-government and private industrial sectors and trade finance products for facilitating imports and increasing Saudi exports.
The bank also established successful joint-ventures / subsidiaries to cater for Investment Banking and Share Trading, Asset Management, Leasing, Mortgages, Insurance and Credit Cards.


Riyadh is the capital and biggest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The same way other large and heavily populated Arabian cities such as Jeddah and Dammam are, Riyadh has a ballooning population of 5.7 million people, and it is a principal urban centre of a region with an estimated population of 7.3 million inhabitants.
To enhance public administration, the city is divided into 15 municipal districts that are managed by Riyadh Municipality, under the leadership of the city’s mayor.
Riyadh was once relegated to a sleeping giant without any special national or regional significance for many years. But after the 1940’s, the city begun sprouting into the prosperous cosmopolitan that we have today.

Personal Loan - Arzaq Murabaha

Arzaq Murabaha Finance is an Islamic financing product tailored and designated to bring your personal dreams to life. This is because we at the Saudi Investment bank strongly believe that every valid dream needs to be given a chance to manifest and hence we make it our endeavor to finance your dreams.

Features and benefits:

  •     Sponsor/Guarantor is  not required;
  •     Minimum repayment period of 6 months;
  •     Maximum repayment period of 60 months;
  •     Minimum loan amount of SAR 50,000;
  •     Maximum loan amount of SAR 1,000,000;
  •     Get access to re-financing facilities; and
  •     Debt relief for one’s family in case of death.